MY LIFE IN DANGER…”They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari” – Rev. Fr. Ejike Mba­ka

Enugu Catholic priest and founder of the Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mba­ka, yesterday raised the alarm that he has been receiving threat mes­sages following his New Year eve mes­sage where he said that Nigeria would be doomed if President Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected.

In a sermon at the Christ the King Catholic Parish GRA, Enugu, yester­day, Rev. Mbaka said if such threats could move him, he would not even be standing before the congregation that morning.

He declared: “Tell them I am not afraid of them. I have said what I was asked to say. The only word I have for them is Isaiah 54:15,17: “Surely they shall gather, but because the gathering is not of God they shall scatter. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.”

“They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari. I don’t know him in person. I only delivered the message I was given and I stand by that message because the future of this country is bleak with Jonathan on the saddle.”

Mbaka said before he gave the December 31, 2014 message, he had called Mrs. Patience Jonathan sever­ally but couldn’t get to her.

Said he: “When she came here, I told her to give me her number so that I could give her messages, but thrice she refused. It was later she told one of the pastors with her to give me his number. “

“So, before that message, I had called the number for two weeks but it was always the Personal Assistant to the pastor that picked the calls. “

Mbaka, who warned that Nigeria needed change, repeated that if Jona­than was re-elected for another tenure, “the next four years will be hell for the country. People are crying of hanger but then you will see what is hunger.”


– Sun News

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13 Responses to “MY LIFE IN DANGER…”They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari” – Rev. Fr. Ejike Mba­ka”

  1. My papa just Fire de go, talk to them as the Spirit instructed

  2. Man of God JESUS JIRI BIBLE GWORO MGBO so they are too small and cannot do anything to you

  3. Rev,fr.Ejike mbaka God has sent u to deliver d message and u av delivered it,leave them ,let them continue to mourn.Nobody can kill .Ride on my Prophet .they know u want to tell dem d truth that is y they refused to pik ur call.

  4. He is sent by God. Remember what happened during the time of John the baptist but the kingdom of God suffereth violence n violence take it by force. He is doing d work of God n once u are doing dat, u must be persecuted. Besides someone needs to tell our leaders the truth! Keep up with the good work father for he dat keeps u neither sleeps nor slumber.

  5. Touch not my anointed and do prophet no arm. Does doing will met their waterloo.

  6. Don’t mine them God judges and not man

  7. Every body think so,bt u over go far sir by calling him bad luck. U dont need to be afraid if really that s the message our Lord send u to deliver.

  8. Peach the gospel of Jesus Christ and stay out of politics. You’re called to build people and not to destroy them.

  9. this buisness man sud go n sleep and stop cali himsef a pastor

  10. You lost it mr mbaka. Your work is to pray for leaders becouse they are installed by God. Who gave you the message, God ? I doubt it because He is not the author of confusion. From what I understand you’re angry because patience didn’t give you her number.

    • may God fight for mbaka if he truly sent and punish all who said negative things about him including all that gave insultive comments about him

  11. No cause for alarm

  12. hmmmmm! no shakingmif you are saying the truth

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