Trump’s second impeachment as a lesson for African leadership – By Prof. Okechukwu Nwafor

Trump’s second impeachment coincided with Uganda’s presidential election in which Yoweri Museveni, who has been president since 1986, is contesting and hoping to win. The two incidents are clearly two tests of a democratic system, one frail and the other robust.
The two political events are paradigmatic definitions of both democratic freedom and despotic captivity. One enjoys an institutional structure that is accountable while the other is a victim of institutional principalities.
It is clear that African democracy wrestles against the rulers of darkness of the continent. These rulers of darkness are party stalwarts desperate to impose a presidential candidate who undermines democratic principles. That is not the case with the United States. In the US party supporters in the Republican party rejected a presidential candidate that worked against democratic ideals and the interest of the nation.
American democracy teaches us the limits of extremist politics and how to subdue political diehards. As uncompromising as the Republican party looks, ten House members voted to impeach their principal. African party stalwarts would have beaten up even a lone voice in the House who worked against their selfish interest.
In Africa political support is absolutely totalitarian. While the Republican party members looked at the bigger picture of the American state beyond the prodigious image of Mr Trump, African supporters of Museveni are blinded by party inducements and the obfuscating image of their dictator. One is peopled by individuals who suffer from poverty of the mind and body while the other is composed of men and women of integrity who would not allow the lure of the body to overpower the convictions of the soul.
Ultimately, Africa and the United States are not the same. One loves autocracy while the other loves democracy. One hates insurrection in high places while the other deploys insurrection in high places to upturn a peaceful and democratic order. One hates violent transition while one relies on violent transition to sit tight. Yoweri and Trump may share certain similar qualities but the two nations has taught us a big lesson in democracy.
– By Prof. Okechukwu Nwafor

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