Honorable Tony Oneweek speaks up: “Our constitution empowers any Nigerian to live anywhere in Nigeria whether he or she is sane or insane”

Hon Tony Oneweek

Honorable Tony Oneweek spoke up against Governor Fashola’s action towards deporting some Igbos’ back to Anambra state.

Hear him:

As the debates on whether the Lagos State Governor, Governor Fashola action towards deporting some Igbos’ back to Anambra state was a right or wrong decision is going on, Honorable Tony Oneweek laid his views on that.

Hear him:

Believe me, I am an Igbo man to the core and I have no apologies for being Igbo. Honestly, the recent forceful dumping of bonafide Nigerians at the Onitsha head bridge (the 2nd time in one year) by the Lagos state govt leaves much to be desired. Even as a member of APC, I strongly condemn this act because it is a violation of the fundamental human right of freedom of movement and liberty.

The blame should be laid squarely on the Fashola led govt of Lagos state and not APC. It doesn’t matter if they are 72, 67 or 14 people. The important fact is that an illegality has been done. Igbos still live in Lagos and yorubas live in Igboland. This cruel act is not pro mutual coexistence and must be condemned. I refuse to be dragged into the politics of “Fashola is APC and so….” Far from it! Today, a party is a mere platform as we now vote for candidates we believe in.., regardless of the party he or she emerges from. This is why people like me won under ACN in Anambra state and in our assembly we have APGA, PDP, LABOUR, ACCORD and ACN.

The fact that a party is popular in an area does not empower them to give us a criminal or charlatan. Trust the masses of Anambra today; they will reject the person with their votes. Just like he was the image of ACN in Anambra, Dr Chris Ngige is still the image of APC in Anambra and I know that soon the masses of Anambra will from the depth of their hearts scream “Onwaaaaaa!!!” Dr Ngige has condemned the act by Lagos state govt and even went a step further to meet with Fashola and broker peace (because ndi Igbo will remain in Lagos and vice versa). My own word to Oga Fashola is: “LET THIS NONSENSE NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”. Our constitution empowers any Nigerian to live anywhere in Nigeria whether he or she is sane or insane.
Were there really correspondences between the governments of Lagos and Anambra states before the “deportation”? Is it true that Anambra failed in their agreed part to receive the reintegrates? Were they 67, 72 or 14 people? Is the immediate outcry by Anambra govt a political gimmick to damage the new born APC before the November Guber election? Is it possible that the constitution accommodates “reintegration”? Questions begging for answers! But I assure you that nothing is hidden under the sun. The truth will surely come out soon. We are still on it. Peace! Hon Tony Oneweek.


About Delia Innoma

Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

2 Responses to “Honorable Tony Oneweek speaks up: “Our constitution empowers any Nigerian to live anywhere in Nigeria whether he or she is sane or insane””

  1. My brother, that Ngige, said what Fashola did was wrong is a lie. Ngige is even in support of what Fashola did. For that it simple means that if he Ngige comes into power, the likes of Fashola will do same again and again. So for APC to win any election in the Southeast will never be possible. For any part not to respect the Ndi Igbo in form such a part will not and will never be aspected in the Igbo land. So my advice to you Tony Oneweek and Ngige is to look for another party to join because u both will lose in the next coming election if u via under APC.


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