Underage Marriage: “My question to the proponent of this law is would 9-year old boys be allowed to also get married?” – Dr. Dimeji Kareem asks

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Child marriage is a cruel hazard to the lives and future of young girls, whose are just growing into womanhood.

It is a global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities, which Nigeria is one of them.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has expressed worry over the inability of the Senate to expunge the provision of Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 constitution which states that, “any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age”, by the Senate.

‘Underage marriage’ is a depraved act that violates the rights of children,  denies them of their childhood, disrupts their education, jeopardizes their health, and limits their opportunities.

Diamond Celebrities asked Nollywood stars and some experts and they laid their views… we’ll get that to you on our next edition, stay tuned..

Here is what Dr. Dimeji Kareem, (Nigerian London-based Doctor)  thinks about the Senate’s controversial endorsement:

Nigeria is one of the leading nations in Africa and such leadership should be reflected in the ways that we protect our most vulnerable in society including the elderly, the disabled or infirmed but especially our innocent children that we expect to be future leaders.
It is therefore disingenuous that Nigerian legislative arms should even contemplate this proposal of child marriage which amounts to child abuse, molestation and pervasive paedophilia. My question to the proponent of this law is would 9-year old boys be allowed to also get married, in the spirit of that law or is this just reserved for our little girls?. If not, are they suggesting that they are not only paedophilic but also  sexist? My view is that Nigeria as a nation needs to move on from this retrogressive and divisive discussion and focus more on issues that unite us like development, good governance, stopping corruption, infrastructure provisions, youth education and employment….The list is endless.
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Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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  1. Yes oo! Bros, u make Sense!!! Good question?

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