Angry Outburst: Is 2face Idibia’s wife ‘Annie Macaulay’ having marital problems? (Read her tweet)


Just this afternoon, Nollywood actress and beautiful wife of Nigerian super star TuFace Annie Macaulay Idibia tweeted very disturbing words that made us ask if 2Face is also included?

Read: “I’ll rather be buried alive with snakes than live to please any man breathing the same air as me.”

Hmmmm! Are we missing something? why bury with snakes?

We just hope there is no cause for alarm.

please help us figure this out!!!


10 Responses to “Angry Outburst: Is 2face Idibia’s wife ‘Annie Macaulay’ having marital problems? (Read her tweet)”

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  2. Na wa oh!!!!

  3. fucking people leave other people lives alone.

  4. Let’s hope that this twitt is anything but not her marital concerns. If it is her marital concerns, then it must be stated that her heart and ignorance if there is any, has taken the place of her head. For other ladies who hang their private dirty linens in the public via social media, I will advise you sit down and voraciously study the bible and make it your guide-post. Better still, if you have God-fearing parents or relatives, go seek their councils. Bringing your private affairs to the social media demonstrates that you’ve lost your bearing like many in the Western World, say, USA, have done

  5. if u dont pls ur husband and ur husband also pls u, then tell me is it better tht u are buried with sneaks then pleasing ur husband?

  6. my friend stop fooling ur self on twitter , even when u have problems with ur hobby is not public discusion mrs dubai idibia ok, baga

  7. just a movie her role

  8. Cynthia Boma Ipalibo Reply September 1, 2013 at 16:34

    may be a movie

  9. Please, please, please, you should know and understand that God is greater and bigger than your problem, and with him (Jehovah) every thing is possible. Therefore hold your heart and have divine peace.

  10. its a line in her new movie script titled; buried with snakes…

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