I don’t believe in After Marriage clap, if a man cannot perform I have no business with him. Nollywood upcoming Actress Chioma Cynthia Okonkwo tells Diamond Celebrities


Chioma Cynthia Okonkwo is a Nollywood beautiful upcoming actress. Chioma started her acting career in 2006 and has been in over 30 Movies.

Her first love for acting she said was developed through watching the Cartoon Network.
Cynthia believes beauty and talent goes hand in hand in Nollywood, but did not enter into Nollywood because of her beauty alone but because of her talent.
She is a graduate of Anambra state University.
In this interview with Diamond Celebrities, Cynthia took us to ‘inside of Nollywood’, talked about her sex life and her relationships with Nollywood Producers. Enjoy…
By Delia Innoma
How did you get into Nollywood?
My journey into Nollywood was as a result of childhood fantasy that turned into a burning desire. Ever since I was a child I have always been obsessed with acting. My first love was developed through watching the Cartoon Network. Just seeing the various characters going through their acts awaken the love in me. Then, I would mimic whatever they do and by so doing, I became obsessed with acting. Seeing my passion, my family then encouraged me to build the passion into reality.
Later I began to sharpen my skills as an actor by acting stage dramas in my church.
Since you had the dream as a child, why didn’t you start as a child?
See, in my house, education comes first. My family believes in education so much they would not allow you to do any thing until you have had a good education. I started pursuing the dream of acting after I have secured an admission into the university. I am now a Graduate of Anambra state university.
When did you actually start acting and how has the journey been for you?
I started acting since 2006 and since then I have done over 30 films. Though the one I am about to start will be my 18th lead role in a movie and  I still have three other scripts waiting for me after I finish the next one. I will not say the journey has been easy, I have God and a friend to thank for my fast growth in the industry.
Like in every industry, there are challenges and one of the biggest challenges in the movie industry is sexual harassment. It is almost impossible not to encounter it at one point or another as an upcoming artiste. But I thank God I have met the right people who have steered me in the right direction. Sexual harassment is always there but it all depends on you, whether to play or not to play.
Most times, they offer you conditions before giving you a role and it’s up to you to take the role or not. I have had to walk out on a job because of such conditions. Before I came into the industry I have heard of it and I was ready because I know what I wanted. It’s not peculiar to the movie industry, sexual harassment is everywhere and as a beautiful girl you must expect people to get out of turn sometimes.
But have you ever taken a lead role because that takes a while for so many other stars?
Yes, I have taken lead roles. If I remember correctly, I have taken the lead character in about 5 of the 30 films I have done. I took the lead in: “Devils workshop”; “King’s Enemy”; “Room 027”; “Hour of Grace” and  “Alampoza; Some of them are two parts movies.
What was your first fee?
I collected ten thousand Naira in my first film, which was  “Devils workshop” and the Alampoza”. It was a ten-scene appearance for me. You know, for upcoming artistes, it is usually a thousand Naira per scene. But as you progress the fee changes. In some instances, it isn’t like because you did twenty scenes you have to collect twenty thousand naira, It varies.
What about the big roles?
It depends on what you negotiate with the marketer. There is no standard as to  what you collect, all depends on your negotiations. You cannot say because you appear 50 times you will collect 50 thousand naira it entails more than that. But as an upcoming star you don’t have to haggle too much about fees. The most important thing is to have the roles coming for you to prove yourself. Right now I am not doing it for the money, I am doing it for fame.
What has worked for you in the industry; your talent or beauty?
I will say both. Before then I used to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself “Cynthia, you are beautiful”. I am beautiful. I am well-shaped. I have straight legs. I decided to come into the industry, not just with my physical attributes but also because of my talents.
In Nollywood, you may be beautiful but if you are not talented you can’t get any where but I thank God I have everything. The talent, the beauty, the figure and everything. In Nollywood, beauty and talent goes hand in hand.
What about your embarrassing moments?
The one I can remember happened when I was still looking to have a shot at acting. Then, I reported at a location and the producer gave me a note where he instructed me to meet him at a hotel room. I felt so embarrassed. He told me the role would not be available for me if I didn’t report at the hotel. I left the set and never showed up for the job. If you want me I want you to come up to me and tell me you want me but tying it to anything else puts me off.
Were you actually named Cynthia?
My name is actually Chioma cynthia okonkwo
What’s your idea about sex. Should it be done only after marriage?
Sex is a free gift from God, meant for us, man and woman to enjoy ourselves. I don’t believe in that ‘after marriage’ crap. I believe in sex before marriage because it is very important you know partner very well, sexually and otherwise, before you two are sworn together for life.
If you don’t know the person very well (sexually) before marriage, what happens if the person doesn’t live up to your expectations? What if the person cannot perform? I don’t think there’s a woman who wants to end up with a man who cannot perform.
So, a man must be able to perform before you can consider marrying him?
Yes o. If a man cannot perform I have no business with him. You have to be a complete man to be with me.
So you prefer sex to money in marriage?
My dear, money comes first o. Money rules the world. But sex too is very important because without sex the marriage cannot be sweet. God has given sex as a gift to enjoy.
Who are your role models in the industry?
My first person is Genevive Nnaji. Then there is Mercy Johnson, Stephanie Okereke and some others.
How would you describe yourself?
Simple, the girl next door. Being alive has been worthwhile. I shouldn’t say something that will make God angry, should I? (Laughs) God brought us here for a reason. So I just live my life – the girl-next-door.
What can you say about sexual harassment in the movie industry, and has it ever happened to you?
Won’t I be lying if I say nobody has harassed me? I’m a lady. It’s totally untrue when people say they’ve never been harassed.
How were you able to scale through?
It might come in the form of “toasting”. I wasn’t “blocked” now. While some will just tell you to your face. As a woman you have to respect yourself and set boundaries regardless of what people think. Some people think that sleeping with someone will give them what they’re looking for, but it doesn’t. That’s the way I see life. You are not supposed to do anything (sleep with someone).
So what I do is, I look at the person’s face and tell him this is wrong, because I’m sure that aside from me, he will harass another person. The only easy way is to disgrace the person so that he will be shy to do that to the next person.
You mean you disgrace the person?
Of course . My dear, I’m not there to joke, neither am I there to be rude to anybody. But you know, you meet some very rude people that don’t know how to talk.  So when you meet such people, you just give it back to them. You raise your voice and embarrass them, they won’t try it again.
Have you dated anyone in the industry?
Definitely. Am I a child? I have and I’m not lying about it.
Who do you draw inspiration from?
I just pray. I don’t draw inspiration from anyone.
Do you have any regret?
Every step in every single aspect of my life has been part of a journey, so I won’t say I regret this or that. I’m just going to say I am grateful to be here.
What are some challenges you encountered in the course of your career?
Before you go into anything in life, you have to go through a process and that process brings fruitfulness. So I’m going to say being able to go through all the stress and coming out smiling is one of the greatest gift in life. To be able to do something and say “Oh my God, I can’t believe I just did that” has been my joy. So the experience so far has been worthwhile.
Thank you for talking with Diamond Celebrities.
Thanks you so much ´Delia.

About Delia Innoma

Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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