DC Exclusive: Meet Ike Nnaebue…The Psychotic Director Of “False” That Got Three GIAMA Nominations

By Aniema  Akpabio


Nollywood Director Ike Nnaebue a.k.a Flosmith is the director of the blockbuster movie “False” that got three nominations at  the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) .

Diamond Celebrities met up with the hardworking director and asked how he feels about the nominations.  Here is an exclusive interview with Aniema Akpabio, enjoy…

DC: Tell us briefly about your new movie?

Flosmith: My new movie is called “Under Your Skin” its a Romantic Comedy that tells a story of how a handsome dude who is confined to a wheelchair tries to get his pretty neighbour to fall in love with him against all odds.


DC: Who are the major characters ?

Flosmith: The movie stars: Uche Jombo, Bishop Imeh Umoh (Okon Lagos) Chika Chukwu, Jason , Aisha Shaba. Produced by Uche Jombo.

DC: How do you feel about your 3 award nominations?

Flosmith: I felt so elated, especially because the GIAMA Awards is so credible and highly respected internationally.

DC: Which of your movies brought you the spotlight?

Flosmith: FALSE, however “A Mother’s Fight “gave me my first break.


DC: Any other project?

Flosmith: I’m working on a new screenplay at the moment. I want to do two more movies before I travel for GIAMA.

DC: Tell us what people don’t know about you?

Flosmith: I  love cooking and I actually cook a lot.

DC: Message to your fans out there?

Flosmith: My fans are my buddies and I will always keep you guys so close to my heart. Follow me on twitter @flosmith so we can stay connected.

DC: Thanks so much for taking with us.

Flosmith: Thanks DC ….


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