Revealed!!! Why Agagu’s casket was intact after the plane crash…


The ill-fated plane crash which happened on Thursday has left many tongues wagging as lives were lost and yet, the casket carrying Agagu’s corpse remained intact.

According to sources who were present when the casket was opened, the body of the neatly dressed Agagu was not ruffled.

“The cap on his head stayed intact even after impact”, a source told a National newspaper.

In a traditional society like Nigeria, these shocking discoveries have left many insinuating there is more to it than meets the eye.

But the simple reason is this:

According to report, the coffin cargo was latched to the hooks in the cargo compartment of the plane.

It was also gathered that the coffin was in the rear end of the plane and, like those who survived the crash, it enjoyed the benefit of positioning.



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One Response to “Revealed!!! Why Agagu’s casket was intact after the plane crash…”

  1. Olaseni Oladapo Ajayi.Esq Reply October 8, 2013 at 18:56

    The Aviation Authorities in Nigeria are extremely incompetent, Negligent and DO NOT CARE for the SAFETY of PASSENGERS, they just care about the MONEY. No Safety Measures, No Public Relations, Etiquette or respect for Human Lives.The Aviation Minister- Princess Stella ODUA’s statement that “AIR ACCIDENTS ARE INEVITABLE” are reckless, malicious and expressive of an ignoramus personality who has no value or respect of dignity of LIFE, will she tell me of any Lufthansa ,Emirates, United Airlines or British Airways Crash?????? It is because they DO NOT JOKE WITH SAFETY. Any Minister that should head the Aviation Ministry henceforth must be somebody learned in AERO ENGINEERING, as this is an air transport mode gone awry In Nigeria !!!! The terrible experience witnessed during the last air-crash has told on the hospital bedside of the survivor, calls for a serious attention to all NIGERIANS planning to board any local flight; As It might definitely be they want to play a role in a REAL HORROR FILM come TRUE, as my cousin from his hospital bedside, narrated how everyone thought they were going to die, as the plane had started swerving right from take off, lights went off, how he tried using his phone lights to start searching for an exit door, so he flies out of the plane which was jerking and how the Pilot fought death, even an eye witness explained how the plane was heading for the SAHARA TANK FARM near the toll gate and flew again. I am going to ask for 3 Million Petition signatures of Nigerians which would be submitted to I.C.A.O and I.A.T.A that they must regulate our local and outbound flights coming from Nigeria, because they are coffins in the Air

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