By Aniema Akpabio


Mike Abdul needs no further introduction in the entertainment world, he is a member of the Midnight Crew and has just released his first album. When others thought that Midnight Crew has parted ways as synonymous to most of our group artistes in Nigeria, he assured us that they are still together and working on individual brands to make a formidable force to reckon with in the gospel world. Diamond Celebrities brings you the excerpts of Mike Abdul’s interview with Akpabio Aniema, enjoy.

DC: Tell us about your new album.

My debut album is titled GOOD TO GO. It is a twelve track album that will definitely bless lives. I cannot wait to have it out there. The official release date is 12th of November 2013. The album is a summary of my experiences and hopes, my belief in the Creator of mankind and what he will do in the lives of others.

DC: How many tracks and who did you collaborate with in any of your tracks?

I have twelve songs in the album and collaborations with MONIQUE, BNG, FLO, TEMI SUSAN MYLES, DAVID JONES, PV IDEMUDIA and A’DAM.

DC: What’s happening to midnight crew?

MIDNIGHT CREW is my mother-board, the platform of my emergence. We just returned from a tour of the United States of America and we have bookings till 2015. We are definitely happening as a group, we still have our influences.

DC: Are you guys still together?

We are not breaking up, we are rather breaking forth. What we are doing is building the future of the individual artists within the group so that individual aspirations can also find their own expressions. The group remains to serve the people as always.

DC: What are your plans for the future for midnight crew?

We have commenced the execution of our plans, that is why you will see our individual expressions. We believe it will make the MIDNIGHT CREW brand exotic and take it away from the regular. MIDNIGHT CREW is now a force of four different platforms.

DC: Which of your tracks do you think is the hit track?

I have my eyes on “READY TO PRAIZE”.

DC: How many albums do you have in the market?

GOOD TO GO is my first and only album yet.

DC: Who are your producers/directors?

I worked with SAMMYOUNG, FLO, BLAQUE JERSEY, MR DAZ, DAVID JONES and WALE OWOADE as music producers on the album and LEX-TEN as video director.

DC: Any video for any of your tracks?

I have shot the video of MORIRE which currently enjoying great reviews everywhere there is a Nigerian.

DC: What do you think of the gospel music sector?

We have a lot of work to do and we are doing it.

DC: Your plans for the next three years?

I’m working to see gospel music attain enviable platforms. I’ll spend the next three years working on that.

DC: Thanks very much for your time, diamond celebrities wishes you the very best in your endeavours.
Thanks, am very grateful.




  1. es karaoke lo que busco no que cante alguien para que escribis que es karaoke si? no lo es


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