Exclusive: Nollywood Actress Collette Orji Takes Charity Home, Supports Kids As School Resumes (Photos)

Collette Orji

Nollywood Actress Collette Orjii took home her NGO, ‘Coco Medicare Foundation’ to her home town , Ufuma, Orumba North Local Government Area,  this January, 2014. Her actual target was to support 200 kids back to school, but the turnout was more than she expected. 

Last year Collette launched her NGO, hosting more than 100 Widows, Mothers, and the less privilege. Read here

The Queen of epic movie has proven in so many ways that you must not be a millionaire to extend hand to others, you must not help the whole world but you can actually do something to help others no matter how small. Her motto: charity begins at home.

The Event in her Village started with reprinting of her father’s grave with Coco medicare Ushers in various tee shirts assisting her.


That same Saturday was the local government election in Anambra state, so the program had to reschedule for 4 pm so election polls may finish because that same location was a voting polls station.

Then exactly 4 pm, they marched and brought the kids from their school. They were all there excitedly waiting for them with their teachers. The Coco Medicare team with the children and teachers marched into the function and each of them were given their seats despite the seats were bigger than the kids, such that they got lost inside.lol

There was an opening prayers from the oldest man present who happens to be the oldest Orji member alive . It wasn’t one of those events where there’s a program and things like that. It was all about the kids and it was all about, encouraging them, food, school materials, dance and just have fun and experience something new.

Apart from the food and drinks for kids, there was school materials for the children, the classrooms, the teachers, they had bags and boxes of clothes, shoes, handbags donated by the coco medicare team and was shared among the teenage girls and boys of the community.

The mothers received wrapper, and trust me, it couldn’t even go round….the turn out got been bigger than was expected, (you can’t even imagine then turn up),  the drinks flying everywhere had shortages as they were running helter skelter to get more.


Talking to Diamond Celebrities, the queen of Epic movie said:

“this has never happened in my community. Am honoured and glad and the villagers came in their numbers, invited or not, mothers of these kids, fathers, my uncles, elders of the community, family members, everyone was just so happy and proud that this was really happening. I was so happy to do this, am so amazed at the turn out and really thank God for making me take this back home…they say charity begins at home right?
So yes, back to my roots. 

It was beautiful, I felt joy in my heart, I don’t even have money oo, it’s just also the begging of the year, I haven’t earned or made a dime, coco house boutique was closed all through the Xmas period because the head of my sales girls lost her dad and I asked them to go take care of stuffs and resume January, so. Haven’t even earned a dime from December to now, was this gonna stop me? No way..
2013 was an amazing year, I didn’t even have to do 50 movies that spreads all around idea road and dies in one week after release. God chosen and screened each job I did last year and I won the paamsaa best upcoming lead actress 2013, I launched coco house 2013, launched coco medicare foundation 2013, signed deals and business arrangements worth more than I’ve done in 5 years at a time, took business and pleasure trips all around the world and God was my pilot at all times, God stood with me and blessed my family with good health. I had every reason to use this my small money and invest in the lives of kids through education via my foundation.


The mothers had wrappers flying through the air, I’m so honoured to have to start my year this way..I wish I can do much more than this, am happy, I can’t stop. I’ve learnt that you can always do your part, so yes, am gonna do my part with every opportunity I get.

Thanks for being there also, the press…you guys now understand positive building up journalism— Am always gonna do what it takes to be in the news for the right reasons ..thank you.”

Like we always say, “we hope Nollywood celebrities will do more of this gesture”. Kudos to you Collette Orji. More grease to your elbow!!!

See pictures below:


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2 Responses to “Exclusive: Nollywood Actress Collette Orji Takes Charity Home, Supports Kids As School Resumes (Photos)”

  1. well done anty u have a nice heart an i pray dat God shld always grant u ur desire an bless u more an more luv u tochi

  2. Hmmm, Go girl, you don’t have money….yet you do all these.Gob bless you and replenish your heart.

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