“I have got a special dedication for one of our prestige governors in Nigeria” Akumba Crooner, Damsel HRH says


Ejoh Ugochi vivian is a graduate of mass communication at LASU and she is dropping her first singles come this February which will launch her into the Nigerian music scene as a promising star. In her interview with Diamond Celebrities Ugochi who is also known as HRH tells us about her singles and her passion for music. Enjoy the excerpts with Akpabio Aniema. 


DC: Tell us briefly about yourself.

ANS: I am Ejoh Ugochi Vivian widely known as Damsel HRH – (Her Royal Hottest) and fondly called Nigeria’s most sought after Female Act, born on the 21 June (year?). I am a music performing artist and a songwriter. I hail from Imo State Owerri , Ngor-Okpala L.G.A Nigeria precisely. Am fresh graduate from the Lagos State University where I studied mass communication but majored in public relations and advertising as well a reporter.

DC: When did you start singing professionally? 

ANS: Sounds of music for me started as a noisy venture way back in my junior secondary school days when I and my friends, a group of 4 would patiently wait for break period so we could make great exploit via noise by singing current songs of the moment all in the name of being current with the latest trend of music, (Smiles). It was the same at the university as well. But a slight change occurred as I started performing in school shows which helped me kill stage fright as well as made me popular in my department. Professionalism didn’t show up until I dropped a test run song titled ‘SO KA LE’. Then I realized music is a big business that requires focus and dedication. This led to the release of a striker ‘AKUMBA DANCE’ and a video to back it up. Ever since and till now, the trend of every of my singles focuses on dynamism and professionalism.


DC: Tell us about your new single

ANS: My new single will drop this February 2014. Please, anticipate because it is going to be massive. It is going to be two songs dropping in one day. I have got a special dedication for one of our prestige governors in Nigeria. His name I will not reveal to keep the suspense intense. All will be revealed in February. Trust God; with God it’s going to be a massive movement. Watch out!

DC: How many songs do you have in your singles and which of them do you think will be the hit?

ANS: Every song is a hit in its category placement. Concerning the path of the question on hit, that depends on the category in which it falls. Some songs are for street benefit, some for the elite and some for selected individuals/groups or purpose. My forthcoming album will House the categories mentioned above for a variety purposes. There are just two official singles out! The album is in progress already.


 DC: Is this your first singles?

ANS: No. The forthcoming single is not the first but the album is. Prior to the forthcoming single is ‘AKUMBA DANCE’ and ‘NAIJA GYRATE’. The single to be dropped in February is not the first single. Prior to it is ‘Akumba Dance’ and ‘Naija Gyrate’. Officially, two new singles will drop at a time. One is a dedication to one of our prestigious Governor in Nigeria whose name I will keep for suspense purposes and the other is a clubbang titled ‘AS USUAL’ to turn a national anthem after it release. Please anticipate it coming in February.

DC: Do you have a video yet for any of the tracks?

ANS:Here are the download links; for Akumba dance Thanks… Video Download

DC: Which artiste would you like to work with in the future and why him/her?

ANS: Yvonne Chaka Chaka of South Africa is one of my role models I would love to work with. This is because of her greatest in her style of music and strength in business as a lady. Another international act is John legend because of his vocal strength. Here in Nigeria the twin brothers P-square. This is because music for them is a combination of dance and music and I love dancing to. More collabos this year (smiles).

DC: Message to the youths out there?

ANS: Focus is all that matters aside aspiration and determination in life. Please know that I will never disappoint. I keep giving you good music and representing you all well. Thanks for the continuous support.

Thanks a lot for having me Diamond Celebrities, your loyal DAMSEL aka HRH…

Thank You so much Diamond Celebrities…

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