A shocking incident took place in Nwanghele Local Government Area, Imo State where a young mother of two who was allegedly involved in adultery was stripped naked and carried about in a wheelbarrow together with her two children around the village by a group of young angry mob chanting war songs before she was finally returned to her father’s house in a nearby community known as Isiala.

The young mother was married to one Mr Josiah, an indigene of Eshiukwu in Nwanghele LGA who is now late and still in the mortuary pending when he will be buried. An eye witness has it that the woman is known as a serial adulteress and was deeply involved in it for financial gains. The witness further disclosed that the woman was caught in the act, though the youths refuse to give out the name of her partner in the crime was.

The youths were angry, given the fact that the woman was caught in the act when her husband died but just a few days ago and she was caught having sex with one of her partners in crime. The woman it was noted was accused of being responsible for her husband’s untimely death, who died after suffering from a bloated stomach which lasted for months. The villagers insisted that she used the money she got from her escapade to feed her family which the husband might have unknowingly ate from and it was a taboo and this they said resulted to her husband’s bloated stomach and his eventual death.

The witness however, confirmed that such act was against the tradition and customs of the people, adding that it was a sacrilege for a married woman to engage in adultery and worse still to directly or indirectly involve her husband in benefitting from whatever she made from it. Another witness reveals that the woman was well known for her series of romantic relationship with other men and further reveals that she was the second wife of her late husband and might have been driven to the act due to poverty and the act is capable of sending a man to an early grave. The witness also blamed the woman for not according her late husband his due respect before going after her numerous lovers within a few days after her husband’s demise.

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