DC Exclusive: ‘Rossy The Trouble Maker’ Starring Funke Akindele Hits The Market, Nollywood Actress/producer Ani Amatosero tells Diamond Celebrities


Ani Amatosero, who is a prolific actress ventured into production and just released into the market her first ever production, “ROSY THE TROUBLE MAKER” which is selling very well. In a brief chat with Diamond Celebrities, the new Producer gave us more insight about her new work. Enjoy the excerpts with Akpabio Aniema.

DC: Tell us briefly about your recent project.

Ans: The movie is titled Rosy the trouble maker and’ the heart of Rosy’. It was shot at Warri, Delta State.


DC: Who are the cast in the movie?

Ans: I shot with Funke Akindele. She was such an amazing character knowing full well it was my 1st movie production and as a colleague she was so amazing on set. She never gave me any problem on set. She made sure I was comfortable despite the stress I was going through as an artist and as the producer of the movie. I also had Francis Duru and Charles Inioje. They were both like big brothers to me. They made sure we started to shoot on time and gave their very best. They were very supportive in the production. They advised me and were always ready to listen to me whenever I complained. It was my 1st production so they were really patient with me. I also made sure my artists were comfortable and happy while we were on set in Warri.

DC: Who are the director and the producer?

Ans: I produced and was assisted by Solomon Apete. He did the job as if it was his. He really helped in all aspects. My movie was directed by Lancelot Odua Imasuen (the Guvor)

DC: Does it have age restriction?

Ans: No there is no age restriction. It’s meant for everybody. It’s a serious movie but trust me when you see Charles and Funke you would want to laugh your ass out.

Ani 1

DC: What is the moral lesson to be learnt from the movie by viewers?

Ans: I just want people to know that in whatever we do we should not look down on anyone. The fact that you are rich today does not mean other people don’t have a life to live. Everybody wants to be better in all they do. Also who can help you tomorrow you don’t know because man cannot be God. When a woman does not conceive after marriage all fingers are on her whereas it’s not always like that. Sometimes the man could be sterile. But we don’t see it that way. Patience sometimes is always the key.

DC: What was the possible capital invested in this movie?

Ans: (Ha ha Haa I no fit shout abeg throat dey pain me). I spent a lot on it. I no fit talk how much. When you look at the movie you will know. I have great artists on my set. I have beautiful locations and lovely cars. I didn’t joke with my proposal.  I spent a lot oh. (But na the amount I no go talk make I no go lie join).

DC: What is the public response to it?

Ans: The turn up is a good one. A very good one. A movie you have to re-print 4 days after release is definitely a good one. And we are still hoping to print more. The movie was released on the 31st of January. We give God the Glory.

DC: Who are the marketers?

Ans: Nickson is my marketer. He is indeed a great man. He is getting married next Saturday so I want to use this opportunity to wish him the very best marriage can bring.

DC: Message to your fans.
Ans: To my fans, please it’s all about God not me. In as much as I need all your support so I can move further, I need all the prayers you wish yourself. I shall not disappoint you guys by His grace. Love you all.

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