Ghanaian Woman (41) stabbed to death by her own son (17)?

Dusseldorf – A Ghanaian woman (41) from Meerbusch Lank-Latum (NRW) apparently stabbed to death by her own son (17)!


Blood everywhere in the stairwell: This is where the police found the body of 41-year-old woman

The mother of four who hails originally from Ghana was killed in the night from Saturday to Sunday around 3:00am in the town near Dusseldorf with a knife.

The police arrested the son. He is to be brought before a judge on Sunday.

It is still unclear why the boy allegedly the perpetrated this barbaric act. However, neighbours reported that mother and son had a difficult relationship. There seems to have been an altercation between the two in the tragic night.


Blood on the doorbells of neighbours

Not the first time: According to police reports, there was already a similar escalation on 9 March, during which the mother suffered minor injuries. The police then banned the boy from entering the parental home for 10 days.

The staircase was covered in blood as the police entered the apartment house in the night. Also, the doorbells of neighbours were covered with blood: the woman is said to have tried to save herself.

Tragic: The younger sibling of the alleged offender, two girls (5 and 14) and a boy (9), were in the apartment at the time of the incident. The fire department brought them with a cart out of the house, so they did not have to see the dead mother in the stairwell.

The suspect, who had fled on foot, was arrested by the police around 7.40 am in the morning.


The other siblings were picked up with a cart, so they did not have to see the bloody staircase

According to neighbours, the father of the family was not in the apartment on the tragic night. He is currently visiting relatives in Africa.


The African family lives in this multi-family house

Culled originally from Bild

28 Responses to “Ghanaian Woman (41) stabbed to death by her own son (17)?”

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  2. Auntie Helena I miss you! Please come back ♥

  3. what a world???????????????????????????????

  4. @Alex you are perfectly right but our kids grow up and become individuals. You cannot be there 24/7 for them but to trust that God protects them and that the upbringing will have effect in good behaviour. Unfortunately they choose their own friends and go to school independently and that can also have effect on their life. No parent can be blamed for their child’s behaviour unless you have evidence of neglect or abuse by the parents. I’ll say in this case Helena did her best to bring her kids up. She was a loving mother and a good person. Please let’s stop these unnecessary advice and indirect blames and pray for the family as they grief and mourn their mother, sister, aunt and wife. This is sad. May her soul rest in peace!!

  5. dear siser rest in peace

  6. michael osei mintah Reply April 3, 2014 at 22:16

    what a sad news may her soul rest in peace

  7. Parents should have time, get time and make time for their children’s growth, specially here in europe with the word of Gd. Your soul should rest in perfect peace.

  8. oh Helena, how could you go like this. RIP, we love you.

    Can people please respect the family at this present time!!!! Please do not put their names here like someone mentioned the husband. Allow privacy please.

  9. Reply April 3, 2014 at 02:26

    May sis Helena soul rest in peace
    People should stop being judgemental n lets all pray for
    the family at tis difficult time.I have known tis family long time and is very sad

  10. Kingsley posted the unflattering comment.

  11. Unflattering photo
    In as much as I appreciate your effort in informing the public about the tragic incident, I wonder if your site flouts journalism ethics without due consideration for the subject under discussion. And I could cite this instance when journalism rules were jettisoned to bolster my claim. This occasion stands out for your egregiousness and gross lack of sensitivity. A photo accompanying a story, Ghanaian Woman (41) stabbed to death by her own son (17)? was not just inappropriate, it was ill-timed, crass and completely unprofessional.

    The photos in question shows blood splattered on walls and door bell where the victim fell. Tragic as her untimely death is, it is traumatizing with this photos; we must know that the victim has other children (5, 9,16) who may have access to the Internet. How traumatizing will this be for them and other loved ones.
    We must be sensitive especially at this time and join in the moment of sadness for a mother who has left her family at the tender age of 41, which is completely devastating and undeserving. May her soul rest in peace.

    • Thanks for your comments and Diamond Celebrities is working relentlessly to improve the quality of its news content. But I beg to respectfully disagree with your assertion that we acted unethically by publishing pictures of the crime scene. The rationale behind this was to create a supposedly incontestable evidence of the crime scene and to portray the most fleeting evidence of brutality , inspire hope and understanding and connect readers of Diamond Celebrities through the language of visual understanding. Though the standards of ethics in journalism may seem fairly crystalized, every day there are challenging borderline cases. However, it is my firm conviction that such ethical borderlines have not been crossed in this case, especially as images of the victim have not been displayed. Hedonism is not a practice at DC. May I also remind you that these same photographs were published in some of Germany’s most renowned newspapers.

      We are most saddened by this tragic event and we will continue to pray for the family. Not long ago I had a conversation with the victim at the school our kids attend together. May her gentle soul rest in peace!

      NB: We appreciate your critique and look forward to reading from you again in the future. Peace bro!

      • Thanks for your robust response. As a reader and a family friend of the victim, I want to reiterate my earlier point that the photos in your news content did cause offence. And I would have expected DC to acknowledge that fact to the family especially if in excess of duty, DC published something inappropriate.
        At this moment, we are in no position to debate or argue about what DC do well or badly but to show some sensitivity around the issue at hand.

  12. So sad, I do agree WITH Emma Akuffo 💯, Am a mother my Self Taking him back To Ghana Should have thout him a Good Lesson,But had i know is always at Last…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. After the first attempt, they should’ve sent him to Ghana. Apparently this has happened before But the mother was able to escape. May her soul rest in peace

  14. May sister helena soul rest in peace.

  15. May the Soul of Sister Helena rest in perfect peace. it is a painful death since the father was in Ghana. May the Almighty God give Nana Kwame the husband, a big heart to endure this tragic incident.

  16. What is this Kate talking about? Why do people like you always make unnecessary judgements. There is a sad incident at hand and that’s all you have to say. Do you know this family personally or did you witness abuse. I’m sorry but this is not the time for blames. Time for prayers.

  17. may my aunts soul rest in peace

  18. Reply March 31, 2014 at 22:43

    @kate….What do you mean by your statement? We all live in europe and knows the laws that abide between parent and children especially here in Germany. For me, this things are spiritual works you knw and that’s why the bible urge us on how to train up a child so that he or she will not depart from it when old. Most patients live their children live for them and that normally results in such cases.

  19. Wow! First is was Togo woman stabbed by her teenage son, now Ghana all in Germany. This africa children in Europe need God and prayers.

  20. I believe all this over beating and abusing kids when they were young brings the anger and bitterness towards parents when the child grow to teenage age. In Europe they have nobody to talk to. May her soul rest in peace ,,,

  21. Uche, do u mean this does not happen in Africa, we just do not hear them sometimes…

  22. What? May her soul rest in peace… African boy? Na waooo, well am not surprised, Europe has spoiled all of them

  23. God have mercy, which world are we living in????

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