Letter To Aniema: Letter From A Broken Hearted Woman, Please Help Her…

Hi friends,
Welcome to our new exciting and entertaining page on our favourite magazine called”Letter to Aniema”. On this page, we are going to be talking about the ups and downs in relationships, where people can send in their problems and other true life experiences in relationships and get advice to help them weather the storm and also get advice and encouraging comments from readers too. You can send in your stories to: akpabio.ekpedeme@yahoo.com or contact me on, 08064413147. On our first edition, we have the story of Nkechi from the UK. Please read below:
Dear Aniema, thank you for this wonderful platform where troubled hearts can seek solace and get good advice. My name is Nkechi, am based in the UK with my children. My husband and I relocated from Nigeria to the UK a couple of years ago. I have four lovely children for my husband and we were both doing well and living happily until one day my husband without any misunderstanding or quarrel abandoned for three years for another woman. Today he’s back after nine years begging for forgiveness and reunion. What do you advice I do in a situation like this? Do I take him back and pretend all is well? Please advise me.
Thanks from a hurting heart.

7 Responses to “Letter To Aniema: Letter From A Broken Hearted Woman, Please Help Her…”

  1. Hmmm all well said. Let me also add a few lines. Nkechi, i will advise you pray over the situation and am sure God will want you to forgive him, he’s your prodigal husband and you also have to consider the kids, raising up four kids all on your own is not going to be an easy work, consider their happiness and their future too. Forgive him and try and build your marriage back again and before you do anything with him, make sure you go with him to the hospital to make sure he’s clean, just to avoid a sitauation where he comes back with any funny gift to share, hope you get what i mean. I pray God helps you, wishing you the best of luck.

  2. Give him a chance and hear what he has to say, take your time to digest , pray to God and surely you will know your next step.

  3. Fuck him, fuck his other wife. Why is he coming back? Kick his ass out forever…

  4. Tina you are right, but how about the kids? Me I’ll take him back…

  5. Has he really repented? The point is how will you know? I will take my time to accept him, I will forgive him but don’t know if I can take him back.

  6. To forgive is Devine… Forgive him and take him back

  7. For me that man will never enter that house

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