Honourable Tony oneweek Muonagor unveils the secret of his name on Hi5 with Don Saint

Meet the Gyration Master Hon.Tony OneWeek, the first Entertainer in Nigeria’s history to be elected into the Legislature. This is how it went down on Hi5 with Don Saint

What’s the story behind your name?

Long story! Way back in time when I was in secondary school, I was very stubborn and fought all day. Yeah. We read ONE WEEK ONE TROUBLE, a literature book by Anezi Okoro. One day, after a fight right in front of my literature teacher Mr Obijiofor; he knelt me down and shouted “Tony Muonagor or whatever they call you. Every time you are in one fight or another… One week, one trouble”. Na so the name sticks ooo (That’s how it sticks).

My fellow students started calling me the name and the more I tried to fight to stop it, the more it stuck. Even when I left secondary school and proceeded higher, I still ran into people who called me “One week”. I adopted the name and made it official through court processes in 1997. Today, my real names are Tony Oneweek Muonagor. It’s not a stage name. It’s the name on all my documents (passports, cheque books etc).


What is music to you?

Music is food for my soul. It’s a high point in creativity and gives me innermost joy that is incomparable to any other joy when I make it. I can listen to a track for a whole day if it inspires me. For example I have Majek Fashek’s “I am not tired” on repeat for the past one week in my car. I don’t play music in my house (no time off for tv). I only listen to music in my car.


Apart from music what else do you do ?

I started as a movie writer, then actor, standup comedian, Production manager, then Producer, artistic director, singer, director. I have been fully in entertainment till God enabled me to make history by becoming the very first entertainer in Nigeria’s history to be elected into the legislature. Today, I’m the honorable member representing the good people of Idemili North in Anambra state house of assembly.


What is it that people don’t really know about you?

Nothing. I have been in the public glare since 1998 when Jesus blessed me. I have no secret. If you google my name, you see. Of course the essence of this interview is to shed more light. For example, I don’t remember granting any interview to say how I became ONEWEEK.


What will you do with 5 million dollars now, if you win it in a lotto?

A lot! A whole lot! I can assure you that I will put smiles on too many faces. Waow!, God will be happy with me if He gives me 5 Million US Dollars for sure.


About Don Saint

PR Guru / Author / Promoter / Controversial Writer / Hip Hop Artiste / Actor / Human Rights Activist. The First Nigerian Hip Hop Artiste to obtain a Masters Degree (M.A) in Arts ( Religion & Human Relations). The author of one of the most controversial books in Nigeria; "Emancipation from Masturbation". With over 12 Movies and 3 Musical albums since 2003. Former Events Manager at Silverbird’s Rhythm Fm Awka Station till 2010. For more info. Call : 08033239298, 08056381068.

5 Responses to “Honourable Tony oneweek Muonagor unveils the secret of his name on Hi5 with Don Saint”

  1. Tony one week my school mate in Anambra State Polytechnic was great guy already. I wish you the best and to become Minister of culture.

  2. Reply May 30, 2014 at 07:45


  3. thats nice, keep it up!

  4. You are on point master!

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