DC Exclusive – Nollywood Actress Collette Orji Talks About Her New Look,Her Unique Selling Point And More With Diamond Celebrities

Nollywood Actress, CEO of CoCo House/Founder of Coco Medicare, Collette Orji is on vacation in London. Recently, Delia Innoma of diamond celebrities caught up with the queen of epic movie in london  and had a chat with her. Below are excerpt of our exclusive interview with her, enjoy:


What’s up with you and this new RED HAIR LOOK?

Good change is good. Fresh look is awesome. I felt, am always so cool and nice. So, let me afford to be cray cool and nice. I did the first one. It was strange and beautiful at the same time because it was unexpected by both friends, fans,family and myself. But they welcomed it, they loved it. Some of my friends starting making the hair too. So yea, I decided to try keeping it.

One will never know you’ve got Jennifer Lopez backside , why are you never showing that selling point off?

Now, Delia’s gonna kill me with laughter session. My dear, am a beautiful person, beautiful soul, and I know that. I don’t wanna focus on the backside as you call it…it’s a complete package. hahaha


Delia Innoma /Collette Orji

You’ve been traveling to a lot of countries, which of them do you feel at home with and why?

I don’t know which country I really wanna give credence to you know. I live the places I go to for my work and friends and family and fans. Thing is as hard as I try, there’s this African Blood that runs a deeper…so am stalked with you guys ooooooo. it’s not all Nigeria, for me, it’s Africa, for goodness sakes, I spent almost 18 years in Cameroon. We can’t possibly throw that away right?


Is true, you are Cameroon born, do you see yourself more as a  Cameroonian than you are a Nigeria?

I am Cameroon born, that’s no secret, on the second question, there’s no way to absolutely be one person without the other. Am unarguably Nigerian, then again,am Cameroonian…lol. what does it even matter…am Collette  Orji.


It seems traveling is one of your hobby; which other countries are you planning to visit, you’ve never been before?

Yea, it’s a hobby I adapted to along the line because of the nature of my job. I never knew I liked it or could like it till I started doing movies from one city to another. Before, it became one country to the next and continental likewise. I haven’t been to Canada, Switzerland, and there are so many African Nations I have to visit. I need to and I will, God willing


Collete and Chinelo

Since we’ve be talking I have watched you very closely, you seems a simply happy person; what is that people don’t know about you?

People love the screens, people love the Cameras, people love perfection….thata what they wanna see. except that, truthfully, what their hearts needs, really needs, is a human with human issues, an honest person, a good mind, a responsible person, someone with Class and a an understanding of humility. The world understands genuineness,…so you see, at the end of the day, people want what matters and that is what I stand for. the fact that am able to reach only one person and they get happy because I reach out to them recreates an ever lasting fountain of joy in me. There’s is happiness in being in the position to give, it reminds you how blessed you are. Now, am a happy Doll and it’s because God install some files in me which cannot be erased or deleted or cancelled. It’s like time, always moving ahead


Rita Nzelu, Collette Orji

How long are you staying in here in London , and will you engage in some Nollywood movie jobs?

I’m around for a bit, and I m sure yes, I’ll so  do that. Absolutely

We wish you a pleasant stay .

Thank to talking to Diamond celebrities

Thanks @ Diamond Delia


Tina Ezeagu, Collette Orji /Delia Innoma

coco 5

Chinelo Onugwu, Collette Orji /Amara


Delia Innoma, Chinelo Onugwu/Collette Orji

coco 2

coco 6

About Delia Innoma

Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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