DC Exclusive:”I Started The Year With A Hollywood Movie, Produced And Directed By Hollywood Film Makers” Moses Efret Tells Diamond Celebrities

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My name is Moses Efret, I am an Actor, Gospel Artist and CEO MOFRET ENTERTAINMENT a movie and music production company. Moses has over 80 movies to his credit, both old and new movies, released and unreleased, movies like Loyal Enemy, Forgive me, To Love and To Cherish, The God Mother, including some new movies shot in USA and Canada, movies like Fatima,Nurses from Hell, Behind the Cloud, “Blindfolded” that was premiered last week in Houston Texas and a lots more that is yet to be released.

Film Fatima banged Moses an award at NAFCA 2012. This talented actor7musician also debuts his album titled “NA MY TIME” earlier this year with a music video titled “Halle”.

In Diamond Celebrities interview with Moses Efret, he talks about his life, careers, and more…  enjoy:

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You are shooting a new movie, please tell us about it.

This year I have done about five movies which I produced two movies back to back titled “RED ROSE”  and “Deception” starring myself, Oge Okoye, Prince Eke, Syr Law and other hollywood white actors. Directed by Kingsley Ukeagbu.

I started the year with a hollywood movie, produced and directed by hollywood film makers. And I also did another great movie called “Bride’s Was x3.”  I’m currently working on a movie called “All things unholy,” it is a Christian film, full with so much suspense and betrayal and I am starting another film project by second week of May. I am very grateful to God because it has been a very fruitful year, thus far, in my acting career.

You have done some other movies where you used established actors, which actors are you featuring in your new movie?

The film I am doing currently, I am not a producer; I am just an Actor on the set, but for my movies I used Oge Okoye and Prince Eke, Best Davis, Syr Law and other good actors.

moses efret 1

 You relocated to the States, why? Also what are the advantages of shooting movie abroad?

Well, I won’t say I relocated 100% to the States, rather I operate from both Nigeria and USA, and it has been a real experience for me. The advantage of shooting Abroad, for me, the cost of production in an average family drama is weak compared to Nigeria, and having good locations, and having access to good equipment in affordable price, good props in an affordable price. so it is more economical shooting in USA than in Nigeria. I will only shoot a story that cannot be achieved in the States in Nigeria, stories like Epic stories and stories that have to do with Nigeria. However, I love to work in Nigeria anytime as an actor.
What other films and videos have you completed?

I have done some new film project like I mention earlier on, like Fatima, Nurses from Hell, Behind the Cloud, Blindfolded, Deception, Red Rose, Bride’s War X3, Pure Silence, Unforgettable Words. etc.  Some of them are released some are yet to be released.

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You are also a gospel singer, please tell us about your music?

I have my Album titled “Na My Time” and a video of one of the tracks titled “Halle” I am working on two of my videos, which will be released later in the year. I recently did a live DVD recording with my church choir RCCG Jesus House DC Mass Choir, and it was amazing, and I am so excited about it. I have been invited severally to different  Conferences and concert, its been a great experience for me.

Do you have any other future movies or videos that you are working on?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have some movie project coming up, I am starting a new film by second week in May, and I am doing another personal movie project in Nigeria this summer. In my music, I am working on some of my video that will be out later in the year, just watch out for them and as always, I appreciate your usual support.
Movie making can be a time consuming job what do you do for hobbies? Do you have any peculiar interests?
When I am not making a movie, I  am in the studio either making music or editing my work, when I am not doing any of that, I am either playing lawn tennis and Saturdays morning I am  in a football peach playing soccer. Lol, yah, I do that for fun.

moses efret 8
Most actors and aspiring directors never achieve modest success. What do you say to young people out there struggling to get into the film industry?
Well, I will say just be focus; don’t be everywhere at the same time, I have noticed in this industry, consistency in what you do make you better. Believe and trust in God for favour and believe in yourself in what you know you can do, but you need to convince people in the business that you can do it. When you fail once, don’t give up, rise and try again, because it never hurts to try again.

Final last word

I read from some enemies of my progress that I am broke and doing odd jobs to make a living and living in one room apartment in USA.  First of all, I need those people to know that the more they try to mess up my name the more God blesses me. to start with, I do not work for anybody or organisation, I am an Actor, and a gospel singer, besides this, I am a businessman, I don’t have time to work for people. for those that know me very well and have been to my house, they will tell you that I don’t even live in an apartment, I live in a house in Bowie, those that know Maryland very well, they know what it is to own a home or live in a home in Bowie. I don”t think I know where they even have an apartment in my neighborhood Bowie. So my haters should  ride on in trying to mess up my name because the more they do that, the more God blesses me. However, I love you all, and God loves you more.

moses efret 2

Please look out for my new movies as they come out, I have about 12 movies yet to be released. I want to thank my fans for believing in me and supporting me for all these years. I love you guys men. Peace.




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Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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