“The Most Challenging Role Is Me Playing A Gay Role In One Super Gay Movie” Okoye Augustine Onyebuchi Tells Diamond Celebrities

Okoye Augustine Onyebuchi was born on 19 October in Enugu,Nigeria,into the family of Mr and Mrs Okoye Benjamin.His parents hails from Ihiala village in Anambra State.He was the second boy in a family that had Four Children.After his primary and secondary education,Okoye Augustine Onyebuchi had his tertiary education at University of Nigeria Nsukka ,Where he obtained B.Sc. in Computer Science in 1995 before joining Nollywood in 2000.
Recently, Augustine sat down with Diamond Celebrities’ Aniema Akpoabio for an interview,  enjoy…
DC:  When did you start your acting career?
OAO: I started acting in the year 2000
 DC: How many movies have you stared in till now?
OAO: I have done over 70 movies to my credits
DC:  Which role has been the most challenging for you so far?
OAO: Hmmmmmm. The most challenging role is me  playing a Gay role in one super gay movie names The black skull which will hit the Nigeria Movie market soon.
DC:  As an up and coming actor; what’s acting for you?
OAO: As an up coming actor , it has not been really easy for me to get to the top but i know with time i will get to my spot light. which most of the recent movies i have done with great actors and actresses . I believe i will get there because i know is not been easy for me. But all the way, i love my profession as an actor.
DC:  How do you spend your free time?
OAO: I spend my free time in church. 
DC: How do you see Nollywood today?
okonye 2
OAO: wow. I am soo happy that Nollywood is fast growing  and we are doing our best to make sure we take the Nigeria Film industry to the Next level.
DC:  According to some, acting in Nollywood is no more by merit, how was your experience and was it hard getting a role?
OAO: Yes you are right.  Nollywood of today is not like before when we go for auditions and casting. where you come to the Audition grand fight for the role, proof to director and E.P that you merit to play a particular role. Now what they all do is IM,  (padi padi) is not longer by merit. But when are a good actor, directors and producers will search for you no matter where you are.
DC: As a star you lose you private life, is that a problem for you?
OAO: Lol. Yes is a problem but i got to do what i got to do. Most times is not easy for me to move around like a normal person without people pointing at me and calling me the names i bear in movies. Some times its interests me but most time, i feel covering my face in order to walk freely without no one pointing at me.
DC: What’s the  thing you love most about being an actor?
OAO: mmmmmmmm. I walk in places , govt house without too much questioning
DC:  Are you married or in any relationship?
OAO: Not Married yet but in a relationship.
DC:  What are your aspirations going forward?
I will never stop until I get to the TOP.

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  1. Wow,u guys are doing a very and wonderful job am proud of u,as for okoye am happy for u keep up.

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