Jonathan worse than Nebuchadnezzar – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, says President Goodluck Jonathan is worse than neo-Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, describing Jonathan as a President that embraces impunity.

Soyinka at a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday blamed Jonathan for the fracas at the National Assembly in which lawmakers resorted to scaling the gate of the Assembly complex in order to gain access to their chambers after been prevented by the police.

He said although Jonathan was democratically elected, his actions had proved that he was more of a dictator.

He said for instance, the split in Nigeria Governors’ Forum last year in which 16 governors had the final say over 19 other governors showed that the President was willing to do anything to achieve his political goals.

Soyinka said the barring of governors by policemen from entering Ekiti State to campaign for former Governor Kayode Fayemi in June showed that Jonathan was not only a dictator but was encouraging impunity by encouraging security agents to disrespect constituted authority.

He also berated the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, whom he said was appointed for the sole purpose of achieving Jonathan’s selfish ambition. He said it was unfortunate that Jonathan would order policemen to prevent lawmakers from entering the National Assembly on the same day that they were to meet to discuss the extension of emergency rule in the Northeast.

He, however, commended the lawmakers for scaling the gate, adding that by so doing, they were able to foil a coup. He said, “The act of scaling gates and walls to fulfil their duty by the people must be set down astheir finest hour. They must be applauded, not derided. If shame belongs anywhere, it belongs to the Inspector General of Police and his lavish adherence to illegal and unconstitutional instructions- to undermine a democratic structure,and one- to make matters worse-convoked in response to an emergency of dire concern.

Soyinka said the refusal of other countries to continue to help Nigeria in the fight against terrorism was because the foreign countries were cynical of Nigeria’s claim to fight insecurity.

Soyinka said Nigeria had come to a point where citizens would now have to defend themselves since the government had failed to ensure the safety of the citizens.

However, the Presidency on Tuesday said Soyinka was only playing the ostrich by accusing Jonathan of being worse than King Nebuchadnezzar…

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4 Responses to “Jonathan worse than Nebuchadnezzar – Soyinka”


  2. You old generations in Nigeria, we are still battling with d deases you infected on us, deases of corruption,bribering,greed, selfishness and many more, infact i am sorry ur generation has done us so bad, please leave us alone now, we do not need your baised advice anymore, you are wicked fathers, dubios and selfish leaders, what have u to say better than d examples u lead down for us, a lot of complaint, passing blames on each others every time and never take responsibilities of ur actions, u cannot manage us when u do not have our welfare at heart.let your children d benefitiaries, come up and meet with us, we are fully waiting to meet with them to control us with all the stolen wealths at their disposal but for now please leave us alone we have had anough of ur infections since 1960s.

  3. No body is perfect make na leave jonathan alone pls let him b mr saint wole soyinka

  4. Nah you be saint. Ole
    See your head, where is the money your foreign sponsors were giving you to fight the military junta…
    Cheap ass

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