Health Zone: Cold water can be refreshing, but unhealthy (Must Read)

As rewarding as cold water can be, in hot weathers like ours, experts say that it comes with serious health consequences. They warn that one may need to hands off drinking cold water regularly due to its negative impact on the heart and the digestive system.

Consultant nutritionist, Dr. Tosin Akinsanya, says even though the body cannot have too much of water, it complains when it has too much of cold water. According to the food and healthy living expert, cold water is at a temperature that contradicts the overall temperature within the body system.

Akinsanya says that normal body temperature of the body is between 34 and 37 oC while that of cold water is usually between zero and two degrees Celsius and this sudden change in temperature levels, which usually happens when we drink cold water, shocks the body, leading to chronic diseases in those who drink it over time.

“The body is made up of 70 per cent of warm water. Water is the most important fluid in the body because it is the medium blood uses. It is the medium which circulates nutrients around the body. If the 30 per cent we drink is against the normal temperature of the body, we see how hard it is for the body to make use of it. Cold water causes distress in the tissues and blood vessels.

“The body has to warm up the cold water you drink every time to an acceptable temperature before it can take it up for digestion, nutrient and blood circulation. That is why we advise people not, take drugs with cold water. The drugs will not digest on time; it means you won’t get the best of the drugs because the water did not dissolve on time.”

Family health physician and author of Ten Habits To Drop Right Now, Dr. Vasant Lad, adds that drinking cold water after a meal has adverse effects on the digestive system. Lad also warns against drinking cold water immediately before a meal.

To know the right temperature of water to drink, Akinsanya says, “Put one finger in your mouth and close it. The temperature of what you feel is the temperature of water or food that you eat most times. That is what the body is used to and that is what you should give it.”

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