After I kissed my boyfriend, 10 people said they wanted to kill me – Bisi Alimi Laments

At my 40th birthday party last month, my boyfriend and I shared a kiss. Like any couple would, we posted a photo of the moment on Instagram.

In hours, the image had gone viral in Nigeria. It was republished on scores of Web sites and blogs, with headlines like Nigerian Gay Activist Bisi Alimi French Kisses Boyfriend On His 40th Birthday and Gay Bisi Alimi Shares Photo Of Himself & Boyfriend Deeply Kissing.

By morning, I’d received more than 10 death threats on Facebook and dozens more hateful Tweets.

On Facebook, people posted messages like “D day u enter dis country, I’ll kill u myself … fool!!!” Someone else wrote that my “death warrant has been signed.”

I’m used to these threats. I’m a former actor, and I was the first Nigerian to come out publicly on national television in 2004. This admission hurt my show. And it made me the victim of three years of assault, arrest and joblessness.

The vitriol culminated in 2007, when an assailant broke into my house. He tied me up, beat me and tortured me for more than two hours. Two days later, I moved to London. Since then, I’ve never been home.


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4 Responses to “After I kissed my boyfriend, 10 people said they wanted to kill me – Bisi Alimi Laments”

  1. You are a fool and should be ashamed of yourself

  2. Dis guy is a fool, he will soon die becuz GOD did not forgive sodom and gomorra bastards!

  3. Foolish man, 14 years still waiting for you here

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