Actress Victoria Inyama Okri talks about her past, present & future on Hi5 with Don Saint  

Beautiful actress, Victoria Inyama Okri needs no introduction; she is one of the people that started what we call Nollywood today. She started back in 1990 in Ripples before the advent of Nollywood, with movies like Silent Night, Glamour Boys,  Danger Zone,  Odum, Love from Above,  Eze Nwanyi, Iyanga,  and so many more.   She has been off the movie scene for some time now, but I was able to pin her down on ‘Hi5 with Don Saint’.


DC: Please can we know more about you?

Vky: My name is Victoria Inyama Okri.   I was born in Enugu but grew up in Lagos. Studied Creative Arts in University of Lagos, from 1998-2002. Got married and relocated to London in 2003.  I had my 1st son in 2005, my daughter in 2008 & my last son in 2012.  Did a 2 yr drama course in Identity Drama School in London to be a better actress and learn the western style of acting.


DC: What is acting to you?

Vky:  For some years now, I haven’t  been able to feature in movies because I’m so busy with kids and family. I have always loved to act because it gives me the opportunity to be other people, a bit like “responsible escapism”.


DC:  Apart from acting what else are you into?

Vky:   Apart from family life, I have been studying to be a counselor, I do hope to finish one day, it’s been a real struggle, juggling it all with no help in terms of no home help and all that.


DC:  One thing people don’t really know about you?

Vky: I find it “harrrrrrrd” to forgive. I tolerate to stupidity level, but the day I decide enough is enough, I must retaliate no matter how long it takes me.  That said, I know it’s wrong but that’ one of my many bad habits.


DC:  What will you do with 5 million dollars if you win it in lotto?

Vky: What will I do if I win 5 million dollars? Pay the tithe of it, invest in people’s live, buy some commercial investment properties and remain calm…


About Don Saint

PR Guru / Author / Promoter / Controversial Writer / Hip Hop Artiste / Actor / Human Rights Activist. The First Nigerian Hip Hop Artiste to obtain a Masters Degree (M.A) in Arts ( Religion & Human Relations). The author of one of the most controversial books in Nigeria; "Emancipation from Masturbation". With over 12 Movies and 3 Musical albums since 2003. Former Events Manager at Silverbird’s Rhythm Fm Awka Station till 2010. For more info. Call : 08033239298.

6 Responses to “Actress Victoria Inyama Okri talks about her past, present & future on Hi5 with Don Saint  ”

  1. Well done. But you need to show face small my dear.

  2. Wooow! interesting! goodluck girl

  3. Ride on dear

  4. Lovely, i’m happy to read about her after a long time.

  5. Beautiful lady! i wish you all the best in life

  6. Nice one dear, we miss you on tv

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