See Where President Goodluck Jonathan Will Live After May 29 (Photo)

Jonathan’s Otuoke home

After May 29, President Goodluck Jonathan will leave the Aso Villa and retire to a luxury island villa in his  Bayelsa State-country home, Otuoke. (Pictured above) Otuoke is a small island community in the Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

Activities in this place, a source within said had been at a lull until a couple of weeks ago. And it is largely believed that come May 29, after the expiration of his tenure, President Jonathan would relocate to the place.

A visit by Punch’s correspondent to Otuoke on Thursday showed that Jonathan’s mansions, which had been undergoing construction and reconstruction in the last 10 years are now ready for habitation. The area they sit on is best described as an island.

It was also learnt that the Jonathans own the choicest properties in Otuoke. The President was said to have built a two-storey building each for his mother and father opposite his own.

His wife, Dame Patience, asides a hotel, is also said to have numerous buildings that have been converted into hostels for FUO female students.

On the readiness of the Jonathans to return to Otuoke, one of the military personnel guarding his houses said all the mansions in the estate were ready except one.

The soldier, who declined to give his name, said the contractors were fixing air conditioners and window blinds on the last mansion.

The soldier, who said he had been living at the place for the past four years, claimed some of the President’s domestic staff were in his Kpansia, Yenagoa mansion, which he built while he was Deputy Governor of Bayelsa.

Many residents of Otuoke are indeed longing to see President Jonathan, one of their illustrious sons, return home.


3 Responses to “See Where President Goodluck Jonathan Will Live After May 29 (Photo)”

  1. nice movement, from Aso rock to Otuoke

    • Well is a big sheam,, just watch the environment very disgusting, , a country president,,, unbelivable,, what has he been doing,, even to construct the road leading to his home he couldnt do it,,,
      am wondering how he will present him self to his state people, , as for the south south he really used them all his promises noting happened,,,
      well he shouldnt be bleamed his an ijaw man, his brain has limmit,,

  2. Not too bad jooor!

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