DC Exclusive Interview With UK Based Musician cum Actor Justified Prince


Justified Prince is a passionate, determined and hard working professional musician cum actor.

He has featured in numerous commercial projects and music videos… 

Justified also featured in a recently premiered movie called ‘legacy’ directed by Baffta award winner Noel Clark and successfully walked the cat walk in front of 120 countries and 100 million viewers at the House of Ikons London fashion week supported by The Princes Trust.

Today, Justified  talks about his life with Diamond Celebrities, enjoy:


By Toya

DC: Please could you tell our Readers more about you and which country are you from originally?

Prince: I’m originally Nigerian. I am a passionate, determined and focused hard working professional individual, who has already achieved millions of viewers attention after featuring in numerous of commercial projects and music videos. Namely Jahmane Dogulas, ”forever young”, jazz Grammy award winner Gregory Porter the ‘‘in Crowd”, Camel Phat feat. A*M*E ”Paradigm”, Comedian Jack Whitehall Arena tour DVD, Premature Tv drama series and Troy Magician Series 2 : ”E4”. I also guaranteed and secured a cameo role in a new movie called legacy directed by Baffta award winner Noel Clark ”2014’’ and successfully walked the cat walk in front of 120 countries and 100 million viewers at the House of Ikons London fashion week supported by The Princes Trust.

DC: When did your interest in music started?

JP:  It started at the age of 11.

DC: Which Instrument do you play, and at what age did you learn how to play it?

JP: I play guitar, piano and Drums. Well l learnt how to play drums at the tender age of 16, piano at 17 and guitar I’ve only been playing for 6 months now.

DC: Is your family musical?

JP: Yes they are.

Justified 1

DC: We learnt you’ve performed in so many events, tell us about them?

JP: I’ve performed all around Uk, Casinos, open mics, award celebrations, Royal Albert hall, Hackney Town Hall, Hammersmith Town Hall, Stratford Town Hall and many more.

DC: Do you get nervous before a performance and how do you handle mistakes during performance?

JP: Well everybody gets nervous on stage, but the way i deal with nerves is to take a deep breath before every performance and visualise that i’m singing to inspire the audience.

DC: Do you do music as a profession, if no, which other job do you do?

JP: Entertaining/Acting is my profession but i still work as a Runner/Waiter at an Italian restaurant which i enjoy

DC: And if yes;  What unique challenges and rewards come from working as a professional musician?

JP: Well i get to surround my self with brilliant positive individuals in entertainment business which have the same mentality to inspire other young individuals

DC: Who are the biggest inspirations for your career?

JP: Well Michael Jackson, Will smith, Les Brown, Tyrese and Seal

Justified 2

DC: How has the Internet affected the music profession?

JP: Well it has given many the leverage they need to build a online empire.

DC: What are some of the contributions music makes to society?

JP: Music can be used in many ways for example to raise funds for charities or to put a smile on somebody’s face.

DC: What would be your biggest challenges in your music career?

JP: At the moment i haven’t faced my biggest challenge as i have the personality of a warrior but before anybody can face a challenge they must challenge them self.

DC: You’ve walked  the cat walk in front of 120 countries and 100million viewers at the House of Ikons London Fashion week , do you model ? Tell us your experience…

JP: It was amazing, i’m not one that step away  from a challenge so when  opportunity like that came up i accepted it. I don’t model.

DC: Tell us about your acting career, why did you venture into acting?

JP:  I was introduced to acting after i featured in my first commercial music video Jahmane Dogulas, ”forever young” since then I’ve been enjoying every moment.

DC: Do we expect to see more of you on the screen?

JP: Anything is possible,  we’re all born winners right ; )

DC: Let’s talk about your love life “are you married or dating anyone?”

JP:  I’m single

DC: What are some of your personal / professional goals for the future?

JP: To keep enjoying what I do and inspiring many on the way, plus self progression.

DC: What advice would you give to beginners?

JP: Never give up, if you have a positive mentality you can achieve anything and also #yourallwinners

Thanks you so much for talking to Diamond Celebrities…

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Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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