The Moment Diamond Celebrities Bumped Into Ex NBA Super Star, John Amaechi In London (Photos)

John Amechi

John Amechi

Last week in London, Diamond Celebrities bumped into humble Ex- NBA Super Star, John Amaechi. He is so tall that I had to raise my hand to reach his head, lol. ….Incase you don’t know him, read his Bio below….


Delia Innoma — John Amechi

John Amaechi has a portfolio career as an organisational consultant and high-performance executive coach. He is a New York Times best-selling author and social entrepreneur working in both the US and Europe. His organisational work is mostly with medium to large institutions, helping them to assess, manage, recruit, retain, engage and maximise the performance of their human capital ( He works with high-profile individuals and businesses as a high-performance-coach and mentor dealing with various challenges including improving interpersonal communications, leadership, personal and team motivation as well as helping to set out the pathway for his clients to become their very best.

John has been recognised by the British Government and the Queen for his services to Sport and also his ongoing involvement in charitable work over the last two decades. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in June, 2011 as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

John is a sought after speaker inspiring, informing and charming audiences with his candour and wealth of international experience in sport, business and life. He is an accomplished communicator, with experience addressing a diverse cross-section of clients, including an impressive list of ‘blue chip’ corporations, international trusts and world-class educational institutions, throughout Europe and the United States.

John’s journey to becoming an elite-athlete almost defies belief: at the age of 17, when he first picked up a basketball, John was considered ‘too late to the game’ and ‘not athletic enough’ to have any chance of success in domestic sport, much less overseas. Six short years later he became a ‘starter’ in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Twelve years from first picking up a basketball, John became the first and only Briton to have his jersey hung in the U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame. Even in ‘retirement,’ John lead the England squad to bronze (its first and only ever medal finish) in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Since retirement from sport, John pursued a PhD in psychology and has written white papers for the UK government as well as creating an organisational diagnostic tool that allows institutions to better understand manage and improve their personnel, climate and culture.

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About Delia Innoma

Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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  1. lol, nice one Delia

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