BEFFTA Nominated Artist Vivian Timothy Talks About Her Inspirations, Hindrance And More In An Interview….


BEFFTA Nominated Artist Vivian Timothy talked about her inspirations, biggest moments, hindrance and more in a recent interview.

Interview By Makeba

So, there I was, at the London fashion week pop up shop, minding my own business. Shortly after I entered, I came across a woman with an awesome head wrap (I like these things ). I really wanted to compliment her on it, but felt a little bit shy. I have no clue why, but for some reason, I was drawn to her. She stood out, maybe it was the wrap. Later on at the event, I came across some of the most amazing pieces of art that I’ve ever seen. It was only then that I realised, that the humble lady, with the fabulous head-wrap did them all.

All of her pieces are gorgeous. They are the kinds of things I would be happy to hang up in my house. All of her work that I have seen, are what I would describe as a celebration of black skin, and all it stands for. She portrays the joys, the determination, and even the strength behind tears. They evoke a sense of pride in you, just by looking at them. You can’t say anything but wow.

Vivian is based in Germany, but is of Nigerian decent. She discovered her talent two years ago. She has recently been nominated for the UK BEFFTA Awards to be held later this month, and has a few great art showcases before the close of this year, so keep your eyes opened.

The following is my interview with her, a true living inspiration,and role  model.


” I send out my messages through my paintings, So my canvas, brush and paint speak for me.” ( Vivian Timothy )













Q -What’s your name and/or the Name of your Business ?
A-My name is Vivian Timothy

Q-What do you do ?
A-I am an Artist of Nigerian decent, based in Germany.

Q-Who or what inspired you to get into the field you are in ?
A-I’ve always been a lover of art of every kind. I never believed I had this talent, until  a couple years ago. I had a visit from a Polish friend of mine.We started chatting, and she told me that she had started painting,that it was her new hobby. This fed my desire to do it even more. I knew that I always wanted to do it, and at that point I thought, ”I’m going to try. What do I have to lose?” I’m glad that I took that step. I have never looked back since .The journey has been amazing, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Q-What is your daily inspiration?
A- My paintings portray African women, their beauty,their,pain and  their struggle for recognition. All these I saw in my mum. She is my daily  inspiration.

Q-What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received ?

A-The best advice I have ever received is” never you beat yourself down.


Q-What has been your biggest moment in your field of choice so far ?

A-The biggest moment in my choice of field was the first time I showcase my paintings.

Q-What has been your biggest hindrance so far?
A-Fear was the biggest hindrance that I experienced.
You know,We all get scared doing something for the first time.

Q-What advice do you have for someone thinking about going into your field?
A- My advice to people thinking about going into painting is this, “Live your dream, explore your talent, for nothing is impossible.”

Vivian TimothyVivivan Timothy

Q-What is your future vision for your life , in terms of the field that you are in?
A-My future vision is to take my work home that is Africa and to create a platform where young African artists can showcase their art skills.

Q-( Specialist Question ) What brands or types of products would you suggest that new artist use?
A- I would advise new artists to use whatever is affordable to them .

Q-How and where can people contact you ,if they would like to see more of your work etc. ?
A- Interested parties can view my work and contact me through my website : , or via my facebook page :

Vivian Ts





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