Movie Director Teco Benson talks on marriage Palava, gets a wonderful reply from Tony Oneweek!


Diamond Celebrity Director, Teco Benson shared the post below on his Facebook page, followed by a wonderful reply from Hon Tony Oneweek, read below:

“Take shit and you can save your marriage. Compatibility is a mere hoarse. Marry again and again, the same issue that caused the first breakdown plays back. Let’s learn to calm down and reason in times of CRISIS. It is simply a test”.

Hon Tony Oneweek Muonagor:

“There is no perfect marriage. What we have is either a good or bad marriage. The reason is simple. We are mere mortals and only God is perfect. But my bible affirms to me that a man is married to his wife (and vice versa) and not to their families. So marriage to me is first between the husband and wife, then depending on their “relationship with relations”, an extended family affair. Now a quick look at d quoted. Some relations are soooo accepting and accommodating that some women feel immediately welcome and become integral parts of their husband’s families. A host of others are soooo aggressively quarrelsome and reject the wife expecting the husband to reject her too. Consequently some men drive away their wives to please family.

The irony is that the members of the family for which they sack their wives have their own families intact. My take is that a man must be a man and know that marriage is a test of ur managerial capabilities. Start by marrying the woman u really love and who really loves u back imeasurably. Love is the only foundation on which a marriage stands. By the time u start having children, a measure of this love is transfered to the children. This is when UNDERSTANDING sustains the marriage. It has become a partnership where the home is practically run like a business. U encourage each other in ur different roles in the house and sometimes assist each other like in doing school runs etc. But for me personally the greatest gift of all is GRACE and MERCY of the most high God who sustains me and wify.

When God is present, u are not husband and wife but brother and sister. U remain best friends for life. No matter d odds. So to anyone reading this whose marriage is good, may His grace never depart from ur house. And to anyone in a bad marriage, hey… there is no perfect marriage. U can make it work. No woman or man is ekwensu. No. We can either bring out the good, the bad or even d ugly from our spouses. For any man or woman who ever said “I do” in church, igba nkwu or court, saying “I dont” in the house is a proof of ur inability to take care of business. I have never seen a well treated wife maltreat her husband. Extended family is good (and depends on uncontrollable factors) but a man’s family is not his parents’ family (built by his father) but the one he builds by himself. May God grant us true love and understanding as we thread the path of married life”.

Teco Benson:

“Great one Bishop Tony Oneweek. People need to read all these, because the rate marriages are going down is alarming”


…as posted of Facebook

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4 Responses to “Movie Director Teco Benson talks on marriage Palava, gets a wonderful reply from Tony Oneweek!”

  1. Nice one Tony, we keep learning every day!

  2. Very on point my dear brothers!

  3. My dear, is very true, in marriage we keep learning every day with understanding, is not easy any where

  4. nice and interesting

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