The Truth with Anita Joseph: Can you marry someone whose sex tape has gone viral?

About Anita Joseph

Actress, singer, model , C. E.O STARMINT ENTERTAINMENT

8 Responses to “The Truth with Anita Joseph: Can you marry someone whose sex tape has gone viral?”

  1. There is no gain saying the fact that, we all are human and inperfect. Therefore ones mistake can never stop me from marrying her if i found true love in her.

  2. If she is good in the tape. Will hurriedly acquire for permanent use. But not for enduring keeps. Bangalore!

  3. Why not …. If there is genuine love and deep sence of repentance…. Why not… It is all about love and understanding.

  4. What is there,these days is no longer an issue when married women go about naked. Just that someone esposes something everyone is doing should not stop someone from marrying the person if he or she likes the person

  5. The tautology of ” down below ” could be trending now . There could be more discoveries of a person’s past that obviously would be more despicable than sex tapes that went viral. The decision to enter into contract of marriage with such subjects or victims ultimately depends on the choice , offer , consideration , lifestyle and perception of both parties.

    • Hi Actress poet, I want to answer your questions asking you other questions. 1) Is the first relation between man and lady is about having sex? 2) Is man and lady in house having sex every day? .My comments: My friend Anita, For relation sex to be done need 2 people need consensus, and the wellbeing of them: good understanding, patience, support,feeling, respect, trust, during difficults and relaxing periods .This that we call true love. From it, there is no choice about sex tapes that went viral. The more time of sharing love without sex, is very important than the few moment for sex relation. Which one is very important? The few moment for having sex or the more time sharing love. Is love mean having only sex?…

  6. The past is the past. Foregive and move on… that is needed in a true love relationship

  7. it depends on how deep is the love, lol

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