The Truth with Anita Joseph: Can a woman actually be raped by her husband?


I read an article on Vanguard over the weekend concerning the issue… so, let’s know your opinion on this big controversial issue.

I will be happy to read all your comments at the comment section…

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Actress, singer, model , C. E.O STARMINT ENTERTAINMENT

6 Responses to “The Truth with Anita Joseph: Can a woman actually be raped by her husband?”

  1. There must be another word..’rape’ is too harsh, lets be serious, so what’s the difference between you and a single woman who is sexually forced into the act

  2. Yes.It’s Marital Rape.

  3. By Australian Law it is considered to be domestic violence when one partner uses force against the other, against their will. Rape is rape… it is against Christian morals. Other religions may have other morals… so beware whom you marry.

  4. Dear, please there is nothing wrong with a husband getting what is his right from you. Because once you agree to be his wife you have no way to locked the holy sweet door. If you take offence then the only way left for me is to deny you sex when you want it.

  5. The general rule of law is that a woman cannot said to have been raped by her husband in which case when a man marries a woman he married entirely everything in the woman but access and liabilities in the said woman in that case the woman solely becomes the man’s

  6. Well…it depends sha…..

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