My big breasts are draining my health, 23-year-old lady cries out (Photos)

Sheridan Larkman, 23, from Victoria, Australia says she can no longer stand the physical and mental strain they have caused.

The mum-of-two claims that her boobs have been growing since she was just eight years old and she was a D cup by the age of 10.

And she has now claimed that a lifetime of crude comments and crippling pains have worn her down.

Sheridan has been on the waiting list for reduction surgery since she was 16, but she has now had enough and turned to the public for help.

“My breasts are draining my health,” she said.

Sheridan would suffer with raw rashes under her breasts as she struggled to pin them into her lingerie

“I have mild scoliosis, constant back and shoulder pain and I am so tired of dressing to try and cover everything so I don’t get crude comments that I’ve dealt with for as long as I can remember.”

Speaking to she revealed that she gets messages from men around the world asking her for topless photos, adding, “I’m not like that.

“Because I have young children, it concerns me if I’m showing the tiniest bit of cleavage.

“Sometimes you can’t help that. My children are exposed to that, they might think it’s normal for men to speak like that to them one day.”

She said husband, Beau, made her feel beautiful 'no matter what'

Fed up of her daily struggle, Sheridan decided to set up a GoFundMe to raise the $10,000 needed for her surgery. So far, she has already raised $2,823 towards her target.

She says: “Please, help de-stress my chest. I am 23-year-old mum of 2, I have had breasts since around the age of eight.

'More than anything, I want to be able to run around with my girls, Alaska, now four, and Kaliese, three,' she said

“I’m currently sitting at a 12K or 34K (UK). I have seen a fitter who believes I’m definitely needing a larger cup size.

“I have been seen by my GP since the age of 16 regarding a Medicare-funded reduction, but I’m yet to get any further.”

The appeal, which is ongoing, has had over 405 shares on Facebook.


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2 Responses to “My big breasts are draining my health, 23-year-old lady cries out (Photos)”

  1. They can’t drain your health. They are God’s endowment and blessings, some of us men need them.

  2. Na wa oh! what other girls are looking for

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