New electric cars can recharge in 15 mins

The next generation of electric cars could charge their batteries in the time it takes to fill up at a gas station.

A group of companies including Germany’s BMW (BMWYY), Porsche and Siemens (SIEGY) say they have developed technology that could help make super-fast charging a reality.
They unveiled on Thursday a 450 kW charging station that needs only three minutes to provide enough juice for a 100 kilometer (62 miles) drive. A full charge takes 15 minutes.
Ian Ellerington, head of technology transfer at the Faraday Institution, said the technology is significantly better than what’s currently available, even if there are major issues to resolve before it’s put into widespread use.
“450kW is substantially quicker than the Tesla superchargers (120kW), and would in principle be 10 times quicker than the rapid chargers that are currently widely available,” he said.
Long charging times are a major drawback of electric cars currently on the market. They slow down road trips, and they’re a major inconvenience for owners who can’t charge their cars at home.
Ellerington said the next generation of chargers could help solve the problem.
“At 350-450kW, electric charging will take a time comparable to refueling with gasoline, which will make long journeys in [electric vehicles] as practical as in cars using liquid fuels,” he said.

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