Spiritual Husband By Professor Okechukwu Nwafor

I just learned that many women in Nigeria are currently caught in the web of the religious swindle known as ‘Spiritual husband.” This is one of the most effective and crafty daggers used by religious slayers known as ‘men of God’ in Nigeria.

Currently, it is estimated that thousands of both married and single women have become the target of this new religious blackmail. Every second, certain fraudulent pastor builds a fortune out of a vulnerable woman using the hoax of ‘spiritual husband.’

Often these pastors demand hundreds of thousands of Naira from these women for the purposes of “ime ekpere” (spiritual cleansing) to divorce the spiritual husband to enable the victim either get married to a human husband or settle a marital crisis caused by the spiritual husband.

Most married women whose husbands have become champions of egregious misdemeanors believe that the spiritual husbands and their human husbands are battling for supremacy over rights of ownership. They believe that their spiritual husbands have the upper hand because being a ‘spirit,’ they obviously possess supernatural powers that humans cannot match.

The single woman is made to believe that she is married to a spiritual husband who is a very mean lover, a bawdy, destructive thing that would hold her captive every night in a spiritual lasciviousness unequaled in the eyes of the godless.

Of course, the men of God convinced some single women that spiritual husbands cover them with a black hijab during the day thus preventing potential human husbands from seeing and admiring their physical endowments from God. They even confuse some ill-mannered women to believe that spiritual husbands caused them to act irrationally. The stories are legion.

Nigerian ‘men of God’ are the new explosives. They are the lethal ammunition that threaten God’s creation. Please, women and men, there are no spiritual husbands and wives. What we have are deceptive spiritual advisers slaying the throat of victims of a sick economy.

Pastors should heal the sick economy so that people will have food on their tables and not extort the little money people have got to feed.

Yes, what we have is a tangible, material economy rendered sick and debilitating by human beings. Wives whose family woes are as a result of the misfortune from their husbands’ business must know that they don’t have spiritual husbands but a sick economy afflicting their husbands’ businesses. Husbands whose wives run amok must know that they don’t have spiritual wives but must look inwards to solve their marital crises.




– By Okechukwu Nwafor

About Don Saint

PR Guru / Author / Promoter / Controversial Writer / Hip Hop Artiste / Actor / Human Rights Activist. The First Nigerian Hip Hop Artiste to obtain a Masters Degree (M.A) in Arts ( Religion & Human Relations). The author of one of the most controversial books in Nigeria; "Emancipation from Masturbation". With over 12 Movies and 3 Musical albums since 2003. Former Events Manager at Silverbird’s Rhythm Fm Awka Station till 2010. For more info. Call : 08033239298.

One Response to “Spiritual Husband By Professor Okechukwu Nwafor”

  1. A slew of these pastors in Nigeria are morally inept and should be criminally accountable like the politicians that steal public funds. Sadly, corruption, superstition, and the belief in supernatural causasion cut very deep.in the fabric of society. The government can mitigate these obstacles through legislation and education.

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