President Buhari Please Tackle The Corruption In PHCN, Nigerians Are Suffering!

Dear President Buhari, please help your people. Save us from this crazy estimated billings. Nigerians are suffering in the hands of these people.

How can they keep increasing one’s bill every month, from 12, 000 to 17, 500, to 47, 800, 62, 000 and now 81, 500 with the hardship already on ground. Many people in Lagos state are affected by this, for so many years now.

A case study is one of our reporters living in Ogba, Ikeja.

They have cried and cried but no one to wipe their tears. This is pure corruption. Please help and make prepaid meters available for the common man, this will help eradicate this ugly matter from the society.

“We have applied for prepaid meter since last year, but they keep playing with us.
Even an insider told me that they won’t bring the prepaid meters now. That they will wait till our money runs into millions. Then they will bring and put us in financial debt bondage, which we will paid for years each time we recharge,” one of the residents in Ikeja told us.

Please president Buhari, help and tackle the corruption in Transmission Company of Nigeria in general, Nigerians are suffering!

Help us Sir!


While protesting against the N48, 000 estimated November bill from Ikeja Electric, our reporter got N61, 200 for month of December and January, then N81, 500 for February 2021. Can you imagine this?

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