Meet Benue Man Who Castrated Himself Completely, To Enable Him Serve God Without Any Form Of Distraction (Photos)

Regardless of anyone’s opinion about him, Terhemen Anongo, 44, popularly called, ‘Doc K’ or ‘Bob Korna’ in the Gboko area of Benue State, feels good about his decision to sever his testicles.

Anongo, in an interview with Daily Trust correspondent in Makurdi, said he severed his testicles to avert sexual urge, noting that his decision would enable him serve God properly.

He made news in March 2021 after he removed the first testis in a surgery he personally undertook, which resulted in profuse bleeding that almost ended his life.

It was gathered that the timely intervention of those who knew about his plight saved his life as medical practitioners rallied around to give him the desired attention.

However, Anongo, penultimate Monday, finally cut off the second testis, insisting he wanted to serve God without any form of distraction from the opposite sex.

He had earlier dropped out of medical school in his fifth year and later turned a wheelbarrow pusher in Gboko before his latest action brought him into public glare last year.

“I went to the University of Ibadan during the 1996/97 session, and by 2000 I passed to the teaching hospital, University College Hospital (UCH), but I dropped out when I was in 500-level because I was suffering from severe depression. I lost interest in medical school. However, at a point I tried to go back but the authorities did not allow me,” he recounted.

The 44-year-old man narrated how he is surviving and coping with his new life.

 “I removed it on January 10. The first one had little hitches, but I did this one well, having learnt from that experience. Somebody is always coming to dress it for me.

 “I am fine. There was a little infection but it has been taken care of. It is not something that affects me in anyway. I walk and go around to do things.

 “I was working in the monitoring team of a transport company called Flight, but they sort of changed their condition of service, so I left. I had to find something else doing before I did the surgery. Until the wounds heal I would have to know my next line of action. 

“At the moment, I survive through the goodwill of friends. My sisters have also been sending me some things. I had also bought some foodstuff in the house, so I cook. 

“I paid people in the hospital and they have been providing medication,” he said.

 On why he took the decision to remove his testes, Anongo replied, “That’s the question I like reasonable people to ask. I come from a very religious home. And when I was in Government College, Makurdi, I was a very religious person. I focused on my studies and got the best result. I went to the University in Ibadan, but while I was in the medical school, I came home and came across one man of God called Gbile Akanni and he actually inspired me to take God’s word very seriously. 

 “I wanted to practise it the way God wanted, but I was having a problem with sexual urge. It was not something I could control, so I read the scripture, where the disciples of Jesus asked about the condition for a man to divorce his wife and he told them that there was no acceptable condition, except adultery. 

 “It was in the scripture that I understand that the woman was taken out of the man, so the woman is part of the man’s body. And Apostle Paul in the bible said that no one hates his body. Any man who actually hates his wife hates his own body. So the tie that connects the man to the woman is very strong,” he said. 

 He continued, “Some people are born eunuchs, so they don’t have interest in women while some are made eunuchs by men, like the Ethiopian eunuch in the book of Acts. The third category is about those who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of God. They want to focus on God. 

“I read the history of the early Christians and found out that there was a man called Oregon at Armateus who actually took out his testes so that he would not have the situation of hypocrisy. 

“I don’t desire to marry, but I don’t see marriage as a bad thing. The reason I desire not to marry is that I am a disciple of Paul, who wrote that it is good to marry but it is best to remain single because a single man or woman has the opportunity to devote 100 per cent of his energy to God. He wished that everybody would be like him. Ultimately for me, I am very politically conscious.”

Doc K hails from Tarka Local Government Area of the state but resident in Gboko, where he pushed wheelbarrow as a means of livelihood until some of his school colleagues intervened after the media brought his plight to public domain.


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