Nigeria’s Internet Speed Still Amongst World’s Slowest

Nigeria’s average fixed broadband internet speed is so slow the country ranked 151st amongst 182 countries in the latest Speedtest Global Index published by U.S.-based internet speed analysis firm Ookla.

Nigeria came far behind Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Burkina Faso that are relatively smaller, economically. It recorded 20.97 megabits per second download speed, while the world’s fastest, Singapore, scored 298 mbps.

In the mobile category, Nigeria came 87th of 140 countries with a download speed of 33.29 mbps, while South Africa took 46th with 68.9 mbps. The global leader in that category was United Arab Emirate with 258 mbps.

Nigeria, however, recorded one of the fastest monthly rise of 15 spots between July and August 2022.

Nigeria’s providers ranked as follows: ipNX, KKONTech, Glo, Airtel, Spectranet, MTN, SWIFT, Cobranet, Tizeti and Smile. The fastest, ipNX, had a median speed of 21.34 bps while Smile, the slowest, had 2.44 mbps.

The Ookla report said despite relative improvements, internet speed in Africa is generally far off the global average.


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