I May Sue Julius Agwu Over Comment About Basketmouth ‘Beef’ — AY

The battle between AY Makun and Basketmouth seems to have a ripple effect as their senior colleague, Julius Agwu, has been put in the mix.

In a recent interview with a Lagos-based radio station, Julius Agwu stated that in the ‘beef’ between AY and Basketmouth, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Agwu further alleged that AY ‘stole’ the Easter date, which he (Agwu) previously used for his show, ‘Laff For Christ Sake’.

However, while responding to the claims of his senior colleague via his verified Instagram account, AY stated that, ‘The truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all the lies in a place where the INTERNET NEVER FORGETS.’

Posting several pictures to prove his point, the comedian said, “Dear senior colleague, Julius Agwu, my question is, ‘how is it even possible to lay claims to the fact that I took over your Easter Sunday date with the following verifiable facts?

“Laff 4 Christ Sake stopped in 2009 and only came back on October 23rd, 2011. The same year I did AY Live on Workers Day May 1st (which obviously was not on Easter Sunday).”

AY further revealed that in 2012, the ‘Laff 4 Christ Sake’ show took place in London on Easter Sunday, and in 2013, it was held in Port Harcourt on Good Friday, not on Easter Sunday.

He added that Julius Agwu also performed at AY Live on Easter Sunday in 2013, an event which he insists should have been an issue if the date was “stolen” as Agwu claims.

Sharing more pictures, AY said his family and Agwus shared a cordial relationship as family friends after his Easter show in 2013, adding that Agwu had once apologised to him for all wrong doings.

He said, “I was a performing act at your London show in 2015 (where I had to buy my own airline ticket to support you due to the unforeseen situation that happened to you). Shows every event concerning you that the AY Show covered at different times. It was on one of such occasions that you invited my wife and I over to your birthday and apologised for all the wrong accusations over the years in the presence of Okey Bakasi and other key industry players.

“Fast forward to 2023, here we are again with this libellous video that will not be tolerated. Should this continue without any proof to your claims of me bewitching you, I will be filing a slanderous lawsuit against you for consistently trying to damage my reputation.

“Finally, projecting peace across boards doesn’t make me a weakling. Neither am I seeking any form of unnecessary friendship that is laced with negativity.”


About Don Saint

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