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Vast of Bracket shows off his 6 Packs… looking Happy and healthy after his return

The ever smiling musician Vast has been back in top form. Vast was in London hospital for many months. In his live interview with Delia Innoma, he said one of the secret to fight illness is sports. In case you missed it read here.  His new motto is ‘Pray hard, work hard, walk out and stay alive.’ Looking at him […]

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Diamond Celebrities CEO Delia Innoma enjoying a quality time with her family in Greece (pictures)

As you all know, so many people have gone on summer holiday.  And guess what?  the celebrated star reporter and CEO of Diamond Celebrities, Delia Innoma is not left out. The hard-working writer has decided Greek Island of Crete for this summer holiday to enjoy with her family. Greece we learnt has become a pole […]

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