Exclusive: “Music keeps me out of Trouble, and Frustrations” Ugandan Musician, Hyper Hype tells Diamond Celebrities

Hyper Hype 5

Onen Patrick popularly known as Hyper Hype is London-based music Act from Uganda.

Hyper Hype became an Entertainer early enough, as a young boy he started as a break dancer for fun, after which he went back to school and got his B’tech National Diploma in SOUND ENGINEERING & MUSIC TECHNOLOGY.

The Multi talented Musician has six (6) albums ‘Afro beats, Azonto, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall and Hip hop to his credits.

Today Hyper Hype sat down to talk about his life, music and more with Diamond Celebrities.

By Delia Innoma

Tell our Readers a bit about you?

HYPER HYPE: I am Ugandan born UK based Entertainer called Hyper Hype but my real name is Onen Patrick. I called myself the entertainer because I do a lot of stuff in the entertainment industry. I am an Artist, Music Producer, Actor, Beauty pageant, Club promoter, Radio Dj & Broadcaster which we won BEST STATION/RADIO @BEFFTA AWARDS 2011. www.eastafricanvoice.com.
I’m also the Director and Coordinator for a charity group called Our Roots. I Stared in two movies one was called ‘’Home Away from Home’ a campaign movie to stop the spread of Hiv/Aids which was shot at various locations including in a Hospital, club/restaurant and House party in London, which I played a ‘leading role’ as an HIV character in the movie.  I also did a Nollywood movie which is called ‘’Natasha de Prodigal’.  I have 6 albums ‘Afro beats, Azonto, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall and Hip hop as a performing artist.

How did you get into Music?

HYPER HYPE: As a young boy I started as a break dancer for fun, as I grew older I started Djing & playing at various events in London, then I went to Oxford college got my Media diploma. By then I was rapping for fun in Battles, Mcing in Clubs were I got excited and started going to studios making Hip hop albums, as time moved on I learned that Hip Hop in UK does not sell me as an artist so I moved to Birmingham UK were am based till now. I went and got my B’tech National Diploma in SOUND ENGINEERING & MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, and now I produce most of my tracks. I do different types of music, which my new album includes ‘AFRO BEAT, AZONTO, R&B, HIP HOP and REGGAE’ something for everyone!

Hyper Hype

What challenges do you face as a music act living in London?

HYPER HYPE: I live in Birmingham at the moment but I travel a lot all over UK, the challenges I face is not a lot, but mostly payment worth to be paid to super talent acts like myself. The thing is I get told a lot by organizers that I’ll get payment when I reach the show/venues and get paid after the show, but after performances I will be told that payment will be sorted later, that sucks! it had happened to me in several occasions.

Even though I don’t live in London, I always perform and get lots of shows in London as it’s the largest City and busiest in business, I got lots of invitations, and is always an opportunity for me to see my son who’s living in London with his Mum.  He’s also very interested in Entertainment, as he has already performed in front of more than 50 people in his school and church.

Most Nigerian Europe based artist I interviewed, always mention they suffer discrimination; have you experienced any?

HYPER HYPE: It doesn’t happen to Nigerian artist only it happens to everyone in Music and entertainment industry, but I understand what they are saying.

What’s your highest point in life?

HYPE HYPE:  I would say myself winning and getting nominated in 2011 & 2012 i.e. I won ACHOF award two times in a row as BEST ARTIST UK/EUROPE 2011 & 201, and NOMINATED at BEFFTA AWARDS as BEST MALE AFRO/AFRICAN UK BASED ARTIST and also our team WON as we picked up BEST STATION/RADIO RADIO @BEFFTA AWARDS 2011.

What’s music to you?

HYPER HYPE: Music keeps me out of trouble. It makes me lose myself out from frustrations, it’s like remedy i.e. If am getting stressed out, I hit the studio microphone BOOTH and spit my stress out on a track so I don’t take my stress out to people, that’s why I don’t have enemies unless they are there for some reasons that I don’t know off. As I always don’t bother anybody, most times I keep myself to myself and families, although I have lots of friends, I see them mostly on duty i.e. Studio & Shows or on media circus, am not like I used to be ‘meeting with friends every day’.

If not music what would you be doing?

HYPE HYPE:  Maybe a Journalist as I have B’tech national Diploma in MEDIA STUDIES too as also studied Journalism which I got from Oxford College and NCFE Certificate level 2&3 in MOVING IMAGE (Video production) from South Birmingham College. At the moment I don’t do full-time as an Artist in UK like as you might have heard before there’s a lot of discrimination, i.e. even though with my swag performances I don’t get paid the way am supposed to be paid as I do lots of charities but I do lots of things on the side.

Hyper Hype 2

You starred in Nollywood Movie; will you be doing more of that in the future?

HYPER HYPE: I love the movie shoot, I was a DJ and a PIMP in the Movie. So if there are any NOLLYWOOD Directors/producers out there and they need Energy/Swag in their movies am ready good to go, just give me a call am ready and steady. The Movie ”Trailer Natasha De Prodigal” –http://youtu.be/0wI6X0XGvhA

What are your aspirations moving forward?

HYPER HYPE:  Always keeping your dream alive, follow your dreams and always be on a look out for newer things.

Thanks for talking to us.

Thanks for having me, God bless.


FOR VIDEOS www.youtube.com/hyperhype

FOR AUDIOS/SONGS   www.soundcloud.com/hyperhype

FOR CONTACTS/BOOKINGS/PROMOS   www.facebook.com/hyperhype

FOR CONTACTS www.twitter.com/hyperhype1

FOR RADIO BROADCAST and PROMOS www.eastafricanvoice.com
‘HYPE ENTERTAINMENT” Tel  +44-7405326005 or 0044- 7810497724

Hyper Hype 6

About Delia Innoma

Delia Innoma is a prolific writer, promoter, artist manager with full professional proficiency in English, German and Igbo languages. She studied accounting and computer programming at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and Germany respectively. Delia is also a devoted mother of two and she founded the Diamond Celebrities Magazine. Her sense of responsibility and commitment to the Christian faith are essential forces driving her daily activities.

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