Exclusive: “Amosu is based on my true life experience” (A must read)- Waconzy (Nigerian Musician)

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Amonsu – Waconzy – Diamond Celebrities

A Few days ago, Nigerian Musician Waconzy dropped the video of his hit single “Amosu”.

Base on the success of the Video so far, Diamond Celebrities was able to connect with him and ask him a few questions about his new video.

This is Don Saint live with Waconzy,


DC: Where did you get the inspirations to sing Amosu?

Waconzy: Amosu is a true life story.
Like we all know, most of my music is based on my true life story…if you know my music, you know Waconzy.
Firstly, I like to explain what Amosu means. Amosu is an Igbo word used to describe “Blood sucking witches that fly at Night”.
In another context, the word Amosu can also be equated to a spiritual Enemy of progress.
Sometime last year, I had a relationship with this pretty young lady…
Bro, I never knew this lady was worse than the devil himself. You would never believe what I saw with my eyes.
Don’t even bother asking me what she did because what my eyes saw, my mouth cannot say till date. I thank God for saving me from that unforgettable ugly experience. To cut the long story short…”all that glitters are not Gold””.

DC: What’s the reason behind the song?

Waconzy : The primary reason I did this song was to remind all the doubting Thomas who always say ‘’nothing dey happen” [people who believe that there is nothing like supernatural powers..]
I wanna remind them that “something dey happen oooo“,and e fit happen to anybody wey no dey under God Umbrella through Jesus Christ. (I want to remind them that witchcraft is real and could hurt anybody who is not under God’s Umbrella through Jesus Christ).

I also wanted to remind the young men and women of today to try and abstain from pre- marital sexual intercourse as it is the most common way of transmitting evil. Evil is Real and the End times are undoubtedly near. Don’t be caught sleeping!

DC: What challenges did You face while shooting the video?.

Waconzy : Well, we did not really face any massive challenge per say. Even if we did, I can’t really remember because I’m a man who loves to face my fears and challenges and deal with them squarely.
I give 95% credit to the Video Director [Mex] who did a very wonderful job.
First when I explained the concept to him, he was very scared. He said he wouldn’t do it because it doesn’t go well with his religion as a Christian.
It took some time before he accepted to do the job after which he developed the concept to a world-class level. Even if it was a very high budget video, by God’s grace, we were able to comfortably pay for it.
We got to work. We shot for two days in a very scary location here in Lagos.
The first day of the shoot, the two generators we hired packed up and we got the third Generator which also packed up the same night. Then we had to go back home and re-equip our spiritual welfare (prayers)…
And we shot day 2 (two) a few days after. We shot from 8pm to 10am non-stop without any problems.
Mex later did the post production and boom!!! The video went viral!!
I thank God for the success of the Video. All thanks to Mex, Louisa Williams and the Dv8 Media team.

DC: What’s the message?

Waconzy: The message is very simple. Like I earlier stated, “Not all that glitters is gold.”
Look deeper than beauty and riches. Things and things are happening; we are in the end time. Don’t be caught sleeping.

Also to my wonderful African sisters, most sugar daddies are also Amosu infested. Not all that glitters is gold.

I pray that your God will continually tumble all the Amosu people that are fighting against your success in Jesus name. . Amen!!!

DC: Thanks so much for talking with us

Waconzy: Thank you too.

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