Nollywood actor crushed by car on movie set


An upcoming Nollywood actor recently escaped death on a movie location.

According to reports, the actor whose name is yet to be confirmed was involved in the accident while shooting a kidnapping scene of a movie being directed Onyeka Ikechukwu.

It was learnt that while on the floor acting out his role, another new actor had jumped into a waiting vehicle and while trying to escape from assailants, accidentally ran over his colleague.

The incident occurred few days after the director of the said movie, Ikechukwu escaped death when a gunshot mistakenly went off and narrowly missed him during an equipment check, Movie Moments had reported.

This action was said to have caused pandemonium and disturbed shooting proceedings as the actor was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he’s currently recuperating.

Also, shooting has been postponed till further notice.

Source: Dailystar

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  5. Thank God no live was lost.

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