Exclusive Interview: “I Have Worked So Hard In Writing And Recording New Songs” Emie Tells Diamond Celebrities


Daniel Atuanaya is an inspiring entertainer, songwriter, guitarist, and above all he is the younger brother of Chigozie Atuanaya – one of Nollywood stars. He just released his singles and in a chat with Diamond celebrities, he lays it plain for all. Enjoy the excerpts from the interview with Akpabio Aniema.


DC: Please tell us briefly about yourself.

Emie: I am Daniel Chukwuemelie Atuanya, popularly known as EMIE AKA The Pararam Boy, an R&B singer, Songwriter, Model, Graphic designer and a Guitarist, from Agu-ukwu Nri, Anaocha L.G.A, Anambra State, a Mass Communication student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, and the last Son of a Family of five.

 DC: Tell us briefly about your journey into music?

Emie: This is actually my fourteenth year in music. It all started when I was young. I started with the guitar (BASS) of which I played for some years in the church way back then and I learned how to play the leading guitar. It was like a movie to me when I started writing songs and also singing and playing the guitar as well, though my parents never wanted me to do music then…lol cos I was even going for shows in primary Six but they couldn’t. I had so many issues then, trying to follow up my dream until I came to Lagos and was living with my elder brother Chigozie Atuanya, the Nollywood movie star. I tried hooking up with some well-known producers and artists in the industry and they really liked my kind of person but Dtunes snubbed me and made me look like a nobody even when I called to ask him how much he’d collect for his production. As time went on, my brother introduced me to 2jo (Producer) and he really helped me out in arranging my songs then even before recording. Not like other producers that always focus on the money you’d pay them. That was when I recorded “CRAZY”(my 1st single) produced by 2jo and also had thousands of downloads online, then, I decided to taste another producer, whom I was introduced to Ty-Snoop by a young producer (Ludpeh) and it was ‘wow’ because I found out that he was an instrumentalist just like me and as well can share the same mind together. And that was when “Whine Dey Go”(2nd single) was produced by Ty-Snoop, mixed and mastered by Slymkeyz. It was really a clubbanger and people downloaded and enjoyed it very well. I then decided to make use of both producers (2jo & Ty-Snoop) in one song, to know how it’s gonna sound like…of which Ty produced the beat and 2jo mixed and mastered the song, and it was titled “Holiday”(3rd single). I’ve really worked so hard in writing and recording good songs, of which the mad ones are yet to be released…I believe in what I can do! Lolz…pararam things!

DC: Is this your first single?

Emie: No…I have three singles online now and I believe I’d still release some crazy ones this February.

DC: How do you plan to promote your singles to the general public?

Emie: meeeeeeeehn! That has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever experienced for real.  Though, I believe the Radio & TV stations can be of help to me this period because that’s where the main thing lies. Anyone can as well help out…thanks!

DC: Who are your producer and director?

Emie: 2jo and Ty-Snoop.

DC: Which of the songs do you think will be the hit track?

Emie: I think the people’s choice would determine the hit ooO…lolz! But I believe “HOLIDAY” is gonna go far.

DC: Any video yet for any of the songs?

Emie: Not yet…but would be shooting a new video for “HOLIDAY” soonest by His grace.


DC: Who are your role models in the music industry locally and internationally?

Emie: Internationally; Akon, T-pain and Chris Brown.
While in Naija here; 2face, Wandecoal and Asa. Other ones I have big respect for are Akon, T-pain, Chris Brown, 2face, Wandecoal, Asa, Sarkodie, Mi, Ice Prince, Wizkid, Phyno, Olamide, Vector, Psquare, Dbanj, Davido, Banky-W and as well Don Jazzy!

DC: Did you feature any artist in any of your songs?

Emie: No! Just did it alone to show-up my talent first…I don’t rush!

DC: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Emie: Lol…I want to be very popular and as well be other people’s MENTOR!

Download and listen to HOLIDAY

5 Responses to “Exclusive Interview: “I Have Worked So Hard In Writing And Recording New Songs” Emie Tells Diamond Celebrities”

  1. you are killing it bro keep it up sweet yarinya on point

  2. Emie ds ur jam is off da chain…*ll we need is holiday…..I see u on d path of irreversible success… Welldone my guy!

  3. That’s really a talent we have got here !! Emie u heading to the top

  4. cherryb_190@yahoo.com Reply February 15, 2014 at 19:32

    Emie , common I knw u goin places ,world nxt celebrated artist,twale 4u, mehn u re fuckingly killing us wif ur songs,I love dat music HOLIDAY,wanting moreeeeee,4rm u

  5. Serenadavis200@yahoo.com Reply February 12, 2014 at 13:47

    Dope song! You sound humble and hardworking , I can see u definitely making it.

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