Letter To Aniema: Please Help! Should I Stay Married To Him Even Though I Don’t Love Him Anymore?

Good morning friends, thanks for your comments/advice on our previous letter, hmmm it’s nice to know that we are still very much concerned about one another but the final decision still rest on Nkechi. I pray she makes the best decision that will affect her kids positively.

Here is another letter from a broken heart. She is in dire need of your advice. Help her but please don’t write your comments just for writing sake but first imagine what you would have done if you were in the person’s shoes.

Dear Aniema, thanks for this wonderful initiative. Please, I need your candid advice. My name is Sandra, I’ve been married to my husband for five years now and we have a baby girl. After two years of marriage my loving and caring husband suddenly turned against me; he stopped taking care of me and our daughter, he stays out late, abuses me at the slightest provocation and treats me like a stranger. Now, I have a job and met someone who loves and cares for me not minding the fact that I have a child. I told my husband that I want a divorce; he cried and begged me that he wants me back and would never leave me or treat me bad again. Am confused because I think am beginning to love this new guy in my life. What do I do?

16 Responses to “Letter To Aniema: Please Help! Should I Stay Married To Him Even Though I Don’t Love Him Anymore?”

  1. some women re praying every day, even going to some stupid juju bla bla bla just to get a man that will marry them. and here u re wanting to destroy ur beautiful home, u ve labored for long. i will advise u stick ur ass down and settle ur misunderstandings, the other man u want to run to … the other man,how re u sure he will not be worster than ur hussy? pls dnt destroy ur home for sake of ur child. PRAYER IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS

  2. Please friends, your suggestions, advises, are still very much welcome. God bless you all.

  3. Thanks friends for all your wise counsels. You have all said it all but i very much agree with Tope Gold. Let me chip in a little piece too. I will advise Sandra to forgive her husband and stay put in a marriage and make it the best she want it since her husband has apologized and promised to change his ways. Every prodigal son always turns out to be the best. The other guy accepted you and your daughter, fine that’s a nice gesture on his part but for him to still press on while you are still in your husband’s house doesn’t tell well of him, instead he should have adviced you to settle and sort out things with your husband. Having said that, i understand that the final decision rest with you, i only hope and pray you make the right decision and consider your child’s happiness and future bearing in mind that marriage is not a bed of roses and that not all that glitters is gold. Wish you the best.

  4. Don’t leave him, d devil u know is better than d angel you don’t know. stay with him since he has promise to change

  5. Pls give her another chance, people do make mistakes

  6. Follow your heart my sister. You are the one who is going to suffer it.

  7. Don’t leave him jor. How are you sure the other guy will not turn out worst than him. People change you know. Stay with him and repair your home..

  8. If is me, I’ll crush his balls for him.

  9. Was he beating you,if yes fuck him because he won’t change.. But if not forgive him and take him back….

  10. Aniema nice one… For me follow your heart and bare the consequences.

  11. Is even stupid to think of leaving your husband.. Abeg stay and repair your home . I believe since he came back begging, he has repented,

  12. My dear,marriage is not a boy/ girl , stay with ur husband and build ur home!

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