Soyinka, Falana condemn soldiers’ rampage (Must read)

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka and human rights lawyers, Messrs Jiti Ogunye, Festus Keyamo and Femi Falana, SAN, on Saturday described as a disdain for civil authority, the destruction of some Bus Rapid Transport buses by rampaging soldiers in Lagos on Friday.

They also condemned the victimisation of residents of the Palmgrove and Onipanu areas of Ikorodu Road by soldiers protesting the alleged killing of their colleague.

Soyinka described the brutality by the soldiers as insane. He also called on President Goodluck Jonathan to caution the Nigerian Army over their excesses.

The literary icon said the action of the soldiers reminded him of a play written by Ola Rotimi entitled ‘Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again.’

Soyinka, who commended the military on their fight against terrorism, said the security situation was not an opportunity for the military to brutalise civilians at every provocation.

Falana lamented that the brutalisation of unarmed civilians by armed soldiers had been a routine since the 70s. The lawyer also urged the relevant authorities to apprehend the soldiers who perpetrated the act.

Falana added, ‘’The brutalisation of unarmed civilians by armed soldiers which started in the 70s has been a routine phenomenon. All the soldiers who participated in the latest primitive attack have to be fished out, arrested and prosecuted. Soldiers are not immune from prosecution. They are not above the law of the land. From my knowledge of the Nigerian Army, the soldiers indicted will be tried by a court martial. But the state government has to lodge a complaint with the army authorities.’’

Besides, Ogunye described the action of the soldiers as barbaric, unpardonable and prejudicial to good service discipline.

He said, “The action is a slap on the face of the civil authority and the soldiers seemed to be saying they are superior to the civil authority. The military must be subordinate to civil authority and the civil authority in Lagos is the governor even though the soldiers are not answerable to the governor. The conduct of the military, which was vengeful and retaliatory against innocent and unarmed civil populace for reason only that one of them was allegedly involved in a fatal accident, is irresponsible and uncalled for.’’

Also, Keyamo stated that if it was true that the soldiers were so uncivil while protesting the alleged killing of a soldier who rode on the BRT corridor, they should be taught some lessons on civility.

Keyamo said, “The action by the soldiers, if indeed it was true, was barbaric, uncivilised and a disdain for civil authority. They should know that there is a civil way to resolve such a matter. I think they need some lessons on civility.’’

Ogunye also expressed displeasure that the military could in broad daylight unleash violence in an indiscriminate manner in a civil rule.

According to him, President Goodluck Jonathan should ensure that justice was done to show that such attitude was unpardonable.

“The question that Nigerians should ask is, is this attitude by soldiers a dress rehearsal for something more sinister from the military? All those who participated in the show of shame must be identified and punished accordingly,” Ogunye said.


Don Saint :

“When civilians go on a rampage, soldiers come in and salvage the situation, now the soldiers are on rampage, who will save the situation? Police? SSS?. Thats the situation we have down here. Where any thing goes. Your job is to protect the people and the country. Burning cars up or beating people won’t bring back the dead. When a man commits a crime, arrest him, charge him to court, and if found guilty let him face the music… Taking laws into your hands won’t help the situation and when this comes from people who are meant to be protecting the law. It is called irony of the first order. Its time we stand up and build this nation. Don’t always wait to do the right thing, try and do things right sometimes”.


God bless Nigeria!!!

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6 Responses to “Soyinka, Falana condemn soldiers’ rampage (Must read)”

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  2. Oh i thought they are above the law? Thank God for human right,God bless Soyinka! Atleast let them face the law too.

  3. True talk @Edward

  4. let the government all of them to the north, we need them to go rampage on boko haram, they kill hundreds every day, including soldiers too

  5. They have turn to area boyz, big shame

  6. really disappointing!!!

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