Dear Aniema,
Am so thankful for this opportunity to share my story to the world after grieving on my own for so long. I feel so disappointed because the people i trusted and took close to my heart could turn around to hurt me so badly just when i needed them most, life could be so cruel at times. Hmmm (sighs deeply and sadly), i don’t really know where to start my story from, whether from the time i met my supposed ex-fiance at the Obafemi Awolowo University in our 300 level where he was studying mechanical engineering while i was studying accounting, or when we met in my roomate’s birthday who happens to be his sister and from there we became Inseparable. Ken and i had a lot in common and shared our dreams together and we planned to get married two years after our youth service all things being equal. And in our three years of relationship till our breakup we never had any sexual activity, we both came from a Christian home and were active members in our fellowship/church and we promised to wait till after marriage. Six months after service i got a job as the assistant financial controller in one of my uncle’s companies in lagos while ken was yet to get job. I talked to my uncle to help him out as he was my husband to be and he promised to help out, few months later ken joinned me in lagos as he was employed in a construction establishment through my uncle’s connection and we were both very happy, things were working out well for us. One year later, we got engaged and both families were happy for us and gave us their blessings.

It was in my uncle’s company that i met Bumi who was the company’s secretary, i got to notice that she was always the last to leave even though we close as early as 6pm, she will hang around in the security’s corner till 8pm when others might have long gone, i stay late to clear my table and balance my accounts before leaving each day. I called her into my office one day and talked to her squarely since we were almost in the same age bracket (in our early thirties). She opened up to me that she was sleeping in the office for the time being since she was yet to get her own accommodation. I asked her about where she was staying before then and she told me that she was staying with her aunty who threw her out of her house because she was suspecting her to be sleeping with her husband, which she was quick to deny saying that the man was only being nice to her. I didn’t know her much or wanted to judge her so i took pity on her and invited her to come stay with me in my flat till she gets her own apartment. She promised to do so within four months and i was like its ok no rush, not knowing i was inviting trouble into my life. By this time ken was out of town for an official assignment i had to tell him of my decisions on the phone, he wasn’t very happy about it but cautioned me to be careful of how i accomodate strangers. He came back and i introduced bumi to ken and i didn’t give much attention to how she held on to his hands longer than was expected after the handshake the first time and how she kept stealing glances at him during lunch, i just ignored it all, thinking she was surprised by his looks and height; all girls get smitten by his looks so i wasn’t expecting less from bumi.

Three months later i got back from work earlier to prepare lunch for ken who wasn’t feeling well and had come to rest in my place, i left him sleeping in my room while i dashed to the mall to get some items since bumi wasn’t back yet from the office.I came back unexpectedly too soon to see bumi going to my room with only a short towel round her chest, i called her back and she was quite shocked to see me because she didn’t hear me come in. She stammered incohorently that she was going to my room to check on me, hmmm i smiled and let it pass. To cut a long story short, last month i got a call from my hometown urging me to come home that my mum was hospitalized, i rushed home to see her. Ken couldn’t come with me but was calling to find out how things were going and always praying with me on the phone. After spending one week with her, she urged me to go back to work that she will be alright since my younger brother was around to look after her, i returned back to lagos. I decided to stop at ken’s place since he was staying around ojota area before going home to the island. I needed his company and his encouragement badly at this stage, it was a saturday, i knew he would be at home, though i didn’t tell him i was returning that day neither did i tell him i was stopping at his place. The door was locked from inside, very much like him, i smiled knowingly, i rang the bell for some minutes i thought he was sleeping, i was about to use my spare key ken gave me since we both have each other’s house key. The door suddenly yanked opened and i frozed in shock. Low and behold it was bumi my flatmate and colleague standing before me, looking tired and bewildered and wearing nothing but a bumb short pant and tank top without a bra and ken came out too with nothing but a towel to see who was it. I screamed and left in tears, as he ran after me begging, i almost got an accident as i drove home in tears. Ever since he has been begging me to explain and even his mother and sister my roommate in school have been begging on his behalf but i just can’t seem to forget the sight of them together nor forgive their betrayal. Bumi came home while i was away to pack her things and also resigned from the company without any explanation. Tell me what do i do, because i still love him and wish to forgive him. My name is Jessica, thank you.


  1. Forgive kini? If he cheated once, chances are he’ll cheat again and you’ll keep on forgiving him till eternity….

  2. Forgive kini? Take a walk jo! If he did it once, chances are he’ll do it again…..

  3. Hmm,very deep had to read everything,prayerfully ask God to give you the courage and to direct you he might not change,if he could do this now with someone you are harbouring trust me,he will do worse in future.

  4. Forgive him dear

  5. My dear, you said u’re a christian? If so, doh it’s heart broken but u must 4kiv him and take him back that your joy may be full. then learn your lessons, is not everybody that need help.

  6. Forgive God is d author of forgiveness

  7. My dear don’t allow anyone to take ur happiness away from u if u love him as u said forgive him an go back to him I knw it hot bt is beta u end d hotness dan leavin it bornin ok

  8. Fairy tale

  9. Interesting! you should know what is best for you dear

  10. well, you can forgive but let him go, life goes on

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