DC Exclusive: Nollywood Actor/Designer Richard Nwosu Comes Out With ‘Web Of Love’ , Says “My Wife Is MY Most Cherished Possession” (Trailer)


Richard Nwosu is a nollywood actor that knowns his onions in the entertainment world. He got married not too long ago to his eggovin and to crown it all the beautiful couple produced a movie recently.

Here is excerpts of the interview he granted to Diamond Celebrities with Aniema Akpabio, enjoy.
DC:  Can we meet you?

Richard:  My name is Richard Nwosu, I hail from the eastern part of the Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise.

DC:   Tell us your journey into Nollywood.

Richard:   My acting carrier started unplanned in my university days, during those normal school strikes. I was looking for what to keep me busy, and I met a friend in a modeling casting who told me about an audition going on. After the modeling casting that same day I went for the audition and I was given a role at the spot.

DC:  Which of your movie brought you into the limelight?

Ricard:  I can’t really remember the exact one, but there are quite a few.

DC:  Which has been your most challenging movie?

Richard:  “Secret Act”

DC:   What is the lowest amount you have ever earned as an actor?

Richard:   Lol, you really don’t want to know

DC:   Apart from acting what else do you do?

Richard:  Modeling, movie producer, fashion designer, and also a co-founder of EllaRich Entertainment.

DC:   What is your most cherished possession?

Richard:  My beautiful, intelligent and amazing wife, a.k.a. Eggovin

Richard wife

DC:  You just co-produced a movie with your wife, can you please tell us briefly about the movie?

Richard:  The movie “WEB OF LOVE” is about sexual orientation and morality; and it’s written by my wife. The story explores the idealism behind the complex issues of gay, lesbianism and transgender by tugging on what influences the intricacy of this topic.

DC:   What is your opinion on nudity and pornography that have taken over nollywood?

Richard:  Nudity is not part of our culture; however, it is merely an interpretation of character(s).

DC:  What is that thing that Richard Nwosu can’t be caught doing?

Richard:  Being someone that always thrives for improvement, Richard will never be caught settling for less.

DC:   How does it feel working together on a project like this with your wife for the first time?

Richard:  Is a wonderful feeling to do something you love doing, with someone you love dearly.

Richard 1

DC:  Who are your role models in the movie industry?

Richard:   A lot of icons that have paved the way and created a platform for us to showcase our talent.

DC:  If you are given an opportunity to change two things about yourself, what would they be?

Richard:   Nothing, God created me in the best form that can be.

DC:   How many movies have you acted so far?

Richard:  Too numerous to remember.

DC:   Which international actor/actress would you like to act with someday in the future?

Richard:   Will Smith, Denzel Washington

DC:   Tell us how does it feel being a married man, does it put a limitation to some movies you will be doing?

Richard:   Awesome. Of course, as a married man there are some roles that will not be appropriate for me, as much as I want to interpret a character I will also want to respect my significant other.

DC:   What are your plans for the industry on ways of improvement?

Richard:   To produce good and quality movies that will project the image of the industry and the country as a whole. And also to create platforms that will enhance raw talents in showcasing their God given talent for a standard productivity.

DC:  Advice to the youths and message to your fans out there.

Richard :  Avoid short cut to stardom. Be persistence, and always look for a way to improve yourself. Above all, believe in God. Finally, never let anyone tell you, you are not good enough. There is a place for you on stage. And to my fans out there, thank you for being there for me, you are the reason why am here, keep believing in me, I promise to always make you proud.

28 Responses to “DC Exclusive: Nollywood Actor/Designer Richard Nwosu Comes Out With ‘Web Of Love’ , Says “My Wife Is MY Most Cherished Possession” (Trailer)”

  1. Beautiful,kip it up broda,we luv u

  2. Richyrich I hail o, more insight to your mind. The sky na your starting point biko, & keep making us proud. Bro Pls no forget me for your next project o abeg. Una see ya wife, u carry eye go market no be small seriously u guys makes a great combination. That trailer make sense, keep climbing bro.

  3. Nice one bro.

  4. Nice film husband and wife, I never new she is now a film writer….

  5. Omo see level, men Richy your wife fineeeee, I have always know you will go far.That trailer is doped, when the movie dey come out abeg, congratulation my guy. You deserves the best.

  6. Richy, where can we watch Web of love? I have heard so much of this move, please reply cos my friends are interested. Great job wishing you and your egovin all the best.

  7. Web of love can’t wait to watch dis movie… Thumbs up ellarich.

  8. Really! Pls I need d movie. Web of Love. I love this couple pieces

  9. Everything complete for this couple, web of Love is loaded

  10. Am learning so much from this couple, perfect match. Web of Love is Wao, from d trailer I can imagine what u guys are dropping is gonna b excellent

  11. Yeaaaaaaaa!! Ellarich is out with d best. Web of Love is a most watch.

  12. I thought as much, there’s somthing diff about this couple. I can’t wait to watch this movie

  13. Thumbs up guys

  14. I love this beautiful couple, great job.

  15. O my God!!! Am not surprised at all, they’v what it takes. These America stars are at it again. God bless u guys.

  16. Great idea, great concept, great couple, great job. Great! Great!! Great!!! Wao!!!!

  17. Web of love is an award winning movie. Good job

  18. Beautiful couple. Ellarich is best among equal

  19. We recei u with open arms. Lovely.

  20. U’r such am amazing couple. Thumbs up for u wonderful couple.

  21. The unbeatable !!!!!

  22. Web of love is educative, entertaining, interesting, classic, and it’s got Hollywood’s standard. THINK NOLLYWOOD THINK WEB OF LOVE THINK ELLARICH ENTERTAINMENT ……. Xo guys what waiting for…… come on board

  23. Web of love is educative, entertaining, interesting, classic, and it’s got Hollywood’s standard. THINK NOLLYWOOD THINK WEB OF LOVE THINK ELLARICH ENTERTAINMENT

  24. My guy! You are on point…….i gbadun your trailer abegggg!

  25. Wonderful and lovely couple. Watch out for them. Richard you are doing us very proud. I’m elated to be related to you. Keep up d gud work. Congrats!

  26. This power couple are the next big thing in the entertainment industry, handsome plus beauty plus creative equal to complete package. I dey feel una wella, more grace.

  27. Woooow, just watched the trailer, the movie will surely be interesting

  28. Nice one, we dey your back

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