Teacher who used Groupon filler to get lips like Kylie Jenner repulsed when her lips are disfigured (Photos)

Amelia Greville

A teacher who used a £50 lip filler in a bid to emulate Kylie Jenner was horrified when the product turned her lips lumpy, swollen and blue.

Amelia Greville, 24, who works in Bangkok, claims the lip fillers she got done through Groupon Thailand contained illegal silicone instead of Juvéderm – which usually costs about £400 – she believed she had purchased.

Horrified, she returned to the clinic to have the £50 fillers dissolved but following another injection to correct it, there was no change.

Amelia Greville

Amelia, originally from Reddich, said: “I need surgery to help with the major discomfort and pain I feel in my lips and the lack of confidence it has given me.

“Around 2 months after having the filler injections, I began to develop hard lumps in my lips.

“They protruded out of the skin and not only made my lips look unsightly, but also were painful and very uncomfortable.

“I went back to the clinic and asked to have the Juvéderm dissolved. I had done plenty of research, and this should have been possible with one injection – the filler would be absorbed by my body within 24 hours.

“The next day, there was no change.

“I went back again a few weeks later and had the same injection again – they insisted that last time the doctor simply hadn’t injected enough, and this time it would be fine.”

But after the second injection, Amelia’s lip became so bruised from the overfilled injected that scar tissue and fat deposits developed, leaving her with light yellow lumps in her top lip.

She continued: “At this point I went to seek advice from a different clinic.

“The doctor at this clinic was immediately concerned that in fact, I had never had Juvéderm filler injected into my lips at all, and this could be some kind of fake, cheap filler.”

Amelia set up a gofundme page to raise £1,500 for surgery to correct her lips, but since going public with her story the clinic have offered to pay a bulk of the cash.

Posting on her page, Amelia said: “The clinic have given me a pretty big chunk of the money I need after I went public with the story. That plus some fees from the press is enough to cover the surgery.

Kylie Jenner


-Daily Mirror

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