Canadian sisters arrested for ‘sextortion’ apologise to Femi Otedola (Video)

Two Indian-Canadian sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, owners of have issued apologies to oil business magnate Femi Otedola and his family after they were charged to court for cyber bullying, blackmail and extortion last Friday.

The sisters were charged to court for producing false stories about the billionaire businessman, his wife and daughter, DJ Cuppy.

 It was gathered that the Police arrested the duo after the oil business mogul filed a complaint.

The owners of the website are alleged to have been using the site to extort money from wealthy Nigerian. It was gathered that videos of the sisters having sex with top wealthy Nigerians and other Africans were found on their computers after they were arrested.


Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo made confessional statements revealing they own the site and issued an apology to Otedola for allegedly plotting to blackmail him. The sisters may be sentenced to a maximum of four years in prison for cyber bullying, blackmail and extortion if found guilty.

The sisters were arraigned and their plea taken. They pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourned to January 26th, 2017. The judge gave them bail conditions but if they don’t meet it, they will be remanded in prison till January 26 2017.

Watch the video below:



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2 Responses to “Canadian sisters arrested for ‘sextortion’ apologise to Femi Otedola (Video)”

  1. Classless, blackmailing, cheap bastards teaching the world how to live their lifes , NO WONDER THERES SO MUCH CONFUSION ON SOCIAL MEDIA. .. I JUST HATE THIS GIRLS . I HATE LINDA IKEJI too

  2. And some people say SOCIAL MEDIA should not be regulated in NIGERIA??? WHEN even none Nigerians own Naija gists ? Wooooooow!!!!! We allow people of different nationality bully us, our billionaires, celebrities and mock our nation to global disgust using some classless unpatriotic nigerians to source negative and untrue news needed to RUBBISH us as a nation? The name Nigeria STINKS on social media no thanks to this blackmailing loosers. LINDA IKEJI should be arrested for violating NIGERIANS privacy and leading a group of unpatriotic looses against US as a nation. She only hunts the best and biggest, till they are on the floor with her blackmails. Now she deviced a new method of spreading her black mails thru her pupets and now carrying the stories as copy and paste. Ive been personally targetted by this DEAD COVEN WITCH. Now she wants to be celebrated for rubisshing people to fame. Bought car for her mum my pupu… money gotten from cheap blackmails??? I say, REGULATE SOCIAL MEDIA today and save us our face as a NATION. Let them go and try their freedom in north korea … what did she say wiz kid did to her again ???? Mumu husler, pls quote me . We NEED TO JAIL THIS unpatriotic PEOPLE . BOSS, ABEG USE THIS LOOSERS AS A GOOOOOOD PUNITIVE EXAMPLE .

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