Are You Born Again Or Born Before…?

The two set of people I always disagree with in Nigeria are 1: The shameless politicians that don’t care about the suffering people…. And 2; The ‘holy ones’ claiming to be born again and closer to God.

These two set of people are linked to the two major factors hindering us from moving forward in this country. Religion and politics are the two major reasons we are hundred years backward in Africa, most especially in Nigeria.

We are incarcerated by the heartless politicians and at the same time caged by religion. Lots of Nigerians are caged down by religion; that’s why we always pray, even when we should be working.

God gave us brain so that we can reason through and solve some of our problems without disturbing HIM all the time.

HE wants us to think, reason and break out like the ones made with HIS own image. God told Isaiah, “Come now, and let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). This signifies that God is always available to reason with us, and break us out in HIS mighty way.

But rather most of us choose to pray all day and night, and still yet, nothing happens in most cases. Why? Because we pray with heavy hearts filled with resentment, antipathy etc. So we end up praying to ourselves and not to God, because prayers in those conditions, usually don’t pass the roof of our houses…

Sometimes it is better to be deal with the devil than the so called ‘born again’ Christians. Most of them don’t have any human sympathy, especially when they deal with people under them.Mess with them, and they will roast you without mercy. Hence, it is better to be an old Jew than a hypocrite Christian.

It is very hard to see true christians in this modern time, just as it’s hard to encounter true men from God now.

In the bible, the ratio of fake prophets to real prophets is 400 to 1. That is, you may have to come across 400 fake prophets before meeting one genuine one. The same is applied to the case of finding true christians, so don’t be fooled.

Let us be known by our true lovely attitude and actions towards one another… as Love is the only thing that will lead us to heaven, whether you are born again or born before.

©: Donsainto

Human Relations Expert
M.A., B.A.


About Don Saint

PR Guru / Author / Promoter / Controversial Writer / Hip Hop Artiste / Actor / Human Rights Activist. The First Nigerian Hip Hop Artiste to obtain a Masters Degree (M.A) in Arts ( Religion & Human Relations). The author of one of the most controversial books in Nigeria; "Emancipation from Masturbation". With over 12 Movies and 3 Musical albums since 2003. Former Events Manager at Silverbird’s Rhythm Fm Awka Station till 2010. For more info. Call : 08033239298, 08056381068.

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