Ndiukwuenu town (Grantors of Mamu River Forest Reserve) in Anambra state is about to be burnt down, Governor Obiano please act now!

This is to bring to the notice of the general public and Anambra State Government in particular of the inter-village war which some Anambra State Government officials are trying to cause in Ndiukwuenu town.

Some miscreants in Ndiukwuenu in collaboration with some individuals in Anambra State government especially the former commissioner for Lands Nnamdi Ọnụkwụba and Mike Okonkwor former commissioner for Environment, have allegedly decided to map out and sell thousands of Hectares of land belonging to the people of Ndiukwuenu (Grantors of Mamu River Forest Reserve) without the people’s consent.

Every town has stakeholders that represent each village of the town and everyone knows this.

To connive and meddle with people’s heritage thinking that nobody will ask questions is a joke of the century. These commissioners conniving with these touts in Ndiukwuenu town should know that government come and go but the people remain.

They should stop tainting the image of the government of His Excellency the executive Governor of Anambra State. They have done enough.

By this notice, let Anambra State Government know that these fellows are ensuing an inter-village war that can take any dimension.

By this too let Alex Ezechi Okeke, Nestor Okoli, Paschal Jekwu Nwafor-ofor ( a Big), Chukwudi Nweke, Onyeka Onwura and other miscreants who are the architects of this looming crisis be reminded that nobody has the monopoly of violence.

We call on the Executive Governor of Anambra State Chief Dr Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obianọ to use his good office and avert this impending doom.

Due process should be followed if the government wants to negotiate with the people.
The town has stakeholders even long before now. These stakeholders represent the three villages of Mkpoghor, Ubani, and Ozzu in Ndiukwuenu.

Any deliberations or negotiations outside the stakeholders from these three villages is coming from the enemy.

The general public is hereby warned that purchasing any portion Mamu River Forest Reserve land in Ndiukwuenu at this moment is purely done at one’s risk. Nobody has been authorised to sell any land till necessary ratifications are made.

Sign :
Chief M.I. Nwafor
Chief A.A. Nwankwo
Chief C. Okoli
Chief Abel Okoli
Barr. C.A. Nwafor
Hon. C. Okoli
Hon. E. Nwankwo
Dr. E. Omazu

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